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REAL VACATION : Back to the Movies

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cd: 5 €  (Sold out)
Melodic punk from northern Finland

Released: 2006
1. A Song About Broken Homes and Unhappy Relationships (0:18)
2. Saturday Night Leftovers (2:38)
3. I'm Gonna Find You Anyway (2:10)
4. Don't Waste My Time (2:29)
5. Family Entertainment (2:44)
6. Special One (2:24)
7. Kids Are Rock'n'Roll (2:32)
8. El Perro (1:48)
9. I Don't Give a Fuck About That (2:48)
10. The Earth Is a Sinful Song (2:39)
11. Bad Dreams (3:04)
12. An Awful Crime (2:27)
13. Cut the Crap (2:02)
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