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lp: 10 €  (Sold out)
"Lal Lal Lal proudly presents the debut album by Swedish Jacob Olausson’s new project called Renegade Scanners. Olausson has previously reached for more folky atmospheres, especially on his beautiful LP on De Stijl. Some people may also know his work as Joshua Jugband 5. Renegade Scanners is a pure 4-tracker space rock feast with psychedelic bulbing synthesizers and Chrome-ish guitar riffs. But what makes it different from many others, Olausson’s sonic space ship seems to be launched some lightyears before he started to record the music. The sounds are already out there and stay there, with their Hands on Future! The record comes in cooool silk screened covers in an edition of 330."
-LAL LAL LAL website

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