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cd: 6,50 €  (Sold out)
Early Replacements = snotty punkrock with powerpop tendencies.

Released: 24.06.1982
1. Kids Don't Follow (2:50)
2. Fuck School (1:26)
3. Stuck in the Middle (1:48)
4. God Damn Job (1:19)
5. White and Lazy (2:06)
6. Dope Smokin Moron (1:31)
7. Go (2:30)
8. Gimme Noise (1:40)

+Bonus tracks:
1. Staples in Her Stomach (outtake) - 1:28
2. Hey, Good Lookin' (outtake) - 1:55
3. (We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock (outtake) (- 3:02
4. You're Getting Married (solo home demo) - 5:11

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