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RISE AGAINST : Revolutions Per Minute

Label: Fat Wreck
RISE AGAINST : Revolutions Per Minute RISE AGAINST
lp: 9 €  (Sold out)
Melodic hardcore.

Released: 8.4.2003
1. Black Mask and Gasoline (3:01)
2. Heaven Knows (3:25)
3. Dead Ringer (1:33)
4. Halfway There (3:43)
5. Like the Angel (2:48)
6. Voices Off Camera: (2:19)
7. Blood Red, White, and Blue (3:41)
8. Broken English (3:27)
9. Last Chance Blueprint (2:16)
10. To the Core (1:35)
11. Torches (3:43)
12. Amber Changing (3:38)
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