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RUBIK : Bad Conscience Patrol

Label: Fullsteam
RUBIK : Bad Conscience Patrol RUBIK
cd: 9,5 €  (Sold out)
Mighty art-pop that flirts with post-rock. Kinda like Mogwai, Radiohead and Mew in one.

Released: 14.3.2007
1. Sleeps a Friendly Stranger (4:06)
2. A Hard Try (4:27)
3. City & the Streets (4:26)
4. Buildings (3:13)
5. Hinges (4:11)
6. Why Don't You Let It Happen (3:50)
7. The Interventionist (4:17)
8. Jesus/Hypnotist (3:51)
9. Bill Withers (5:28)
10. Wrappt in a Carpt (4:42)

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