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SCREAMING TREES : Anthology: SST Years 1985–1989

Label: SST
cd: 19,50 €  (Sold out)
The early years of this legendary grunge band.

Released: 16.6.1991
1. "Barriers"
2. "The Turning"
3. "Other Worlds"
4. "Transfiguration"
5. "Don't Look Down"
6. "Cold Rain"
7. "In the Forest"
8. "Back Together"
9. "Other Days and Different Planets"
10. "Walk Through to This Side"
11. "Smokerings"
12. "Ivy"
13. "Grey Diamond Desert"
14. "Night Comes Creeping"
15. "Invisible Lantern"
16. "Subtle Poison"
17. "Windows"
18. "Black Sun Morning"
19. "Flower Web"
20. "End of the Universe"
21. "Where the Twain Shall Meet"

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