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SEA SCOUTS : Beacon of Hope

cd: 8.50 €  (Sold out)
This is it. The one. The record to end all records. I shit you not. More angst than Kurt could ever have wished for, louder than your mom on the night you were conceived and dead honest, in the way that George W. Bush is not. When the end of the world comes, I want to be notified 10 minutes before, so I can have this record blasting out with the volume set far beyond eleven.

Released: 1998
1. Song for Ché (4:02)
2. The Gate (6:47)
3. Song With No Name (5:32)
4. Beacon of Hope (4:09)
5. The Nest (6:11)
6. Inbuilt Obsolescence (3:40)
7. Winter Song (4:59)
8. We're All Gonna Die (5:51)

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