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SERGIO : The Ship Is Mine

Label: Trash Can
SERGIO : The Ship Is Mine
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7": 5 €  (Sold out)
-Dark and moody post-punk in the vein of Guided By Voices, Joy Division, Sonic Youth

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A drums + hammond duo playing action jazz!
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Insanely technical rhyming combined with beats twisted enough to keep your brain occupied but thumpin' enough to keep your booty on the move.
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SERGIO : See Far & Fall cds/cdep
(Trash Can
5 €
New waveish punk-based twisting owing a bit more than just a bit to Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Q and not U and the likes. Great songs, great band. Great great great!
(Sold out)
SERGIO : Swords cd
12 €
Probably the coolest indierock band in Finland with a super debut longplay released by probably the coolest indie label in Finland.
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