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SHELLAC : 1000 Hurts lp+cd

SHELLAC : 1000 Hurts lp+cd SHELLAC
lp: 18,50 €  (Sold out)
Essential stuff. Without this record you'll get your teeth kicked in by angry nerds at yr local indie-show. This 12" version INCLUDES THE SAME RECORD ON CD!

Released: 8.8.2000
1. Prayer to God (2:50)
2. Squirrel Song (2:38)
3. Mama Gina (5:43)
4. QRJ (2:52)
5. Ghosts (3:36)
6. Song Against Itself (4:13)
7. Canaveral (2:38)
8. New Number Order (1:39)
9. Shoe Song (5:17)
10. Watch Song (5:25)

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Vinyl version includes a cd copy of the whole album!
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