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SHELLAC : At Action Park

cd: 17 €  (Sold out)
Essential stuff. Without this record you'll get your teeth kicked in by angry nerds at yr local indie-show.

Released: 09/1994
1. My Black Ass (3:00)
2. Pull the Cup (4:12)
3. The Admiral (2:21)
4. Crow (4:47)
5. Song of the Minerals (4:24)
6. A Minute (3:40)
7. The Idea of North (3:42)
8. Dog and Pony Show (3:59)
9. Boche's Dick (1:38)
10. Il Porno Star (5:14)

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12 €
The best band ever to combine pop sensibility with the intensity, integrity and insanity of straight out punkrock. Features Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty of FUGAZI. Essential stuff!
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2,50 €
Finnish zine in Finnish. Sisältää mm. Poliisiopisto-marathon, kumipizzat, sarjakuvia, leffajutuissa mm. Commando, ninjoja, Chuck Norris, Jäätävä Polte, kungfua, Pluto Nash, MacGyver, Flesh Gordon, Rambo, Skinheads...

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2,50 €
"I guess you should know these Pohjanmaa lunatics. If you don't, here's 61 tracks from them recorded between 1990 and 2003, including highlights from their ep's and "Turha Ruokkia Ruumiita" album, plus some rare compilation tracks. 90 minutes of pure insanity.
Limited edition available with cool colour covers!"
(Sold out)
6 €
The complete works from Finland's wildest bunch of anarcho-motorcyclist squatter-terrorist-arsonists! This shit pulls no punches and leaves no town unburned, no woman unloved and no ass unkicked. If Catharsis wasn't as artsy, it would sound pretty much like this, so expect murder and expect mayhem. Lots of 'em! A cool package that features a really stylish book! Recommended!
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