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SHELLAC : At Action Park

cd: 17 €  (Sold out)
Essential stuff. Without this record you'll get your teeth kicked in by angry nerds at yr local indie-show.

Released: 09/1994
1. My Black Ass (3:00)
2. Pull the Cup (4:12)
3. The Admiral (2:21)
4. Crow (4:47)
5. Song of the Minerals (4:24)
6. A Minute (3:40)
7. The Idea of North (3:42)
8. Dog and Pony Show (3:59)
9. Boche's Dick (1:38)
10. Il Porno Star (5:14)

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The best band ever to combine pop sensibility with the intensity, integrity and insanity of straight out punkrock. Features Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty of FUGAZI. Essential stuff!
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2 €
Debut tape from one of the most promising new hardcore bands in finland. Seven songs in ten minutes, including a State of Alert coversong, cool cover art and a lyric insert.
Limited to 100 copies. Get yours fast.
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1 €
Cooooool 10 piece sticker-set with a design of the one and only J.Mällinen about to bash out a thunderous riff! The size of the sticker is A7 (74x105mm).
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5,50 €
The 11th and arguably finest record from one of Finland's most legendary and enduring non-mainstream rock n' roll bands!
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