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SHELLAC : Excellent Italian Greyhound lp + cd

SHELLAC : Excellent Italian Greyhound lp + cd SHELLAC
lp: 10 €  (Sold out)
Shellac's fourth longplay - still kicking ass!
Vinyl version includes a cd copy of the whole album!

"For those of us scratching our heads and laughing at that album cover, anyone who's seen the band live knows that they're hysterical, and EIG, like 1000 Hurts before it, proves you can still provoke listeners without being uniformly dour. Even at their silliest, even when they're treading water, no one else sounds quite like Shellac, and anyone who professes to be a serious music fan without having spent quality time with the band's albums should be forced to familiarize themselves. This just wouldn't be the first record I'd force on them."

Released: 06/2007
1. The End Of Radio 8:27
2. Steady As She Goes 4:06
3. Be Prepared 4:05
4. Elephant 4:24
5. Genuine Lulabelle 9:17
6. Kittypants 1:59
7. Boycott 2:14
8. Paco 5:29
9. Spoke 2:18

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