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SLAYER : Reign In Blood

SLAYER : Reign In Blood SLAYER
cd: 8,50 €  (Sold out)
The greatest metal album ever?

Released: 10/1986
1. Angel of Death (4:52)
2. Piece by Piece (2:02)
3. Necrophobic (1:40)
4. Altar of Sacrifice (2:50)
5. Jesus Saves (2:54)
6. Criminally Insane (2:23)
7. Reborn (2:11)
8. Epidemic (2:23)
9. Postmortem (2:44)
10. Raining Blood (4:57)
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(Sold out)
4 €
Finland's #1 thrashcore outfit are back with an album that will blow the previous three straight off the map with deadly sounds crafted by Antti Malinen from Down My Throat and superb songs that surpass all their previous work by miles. Still, no posing, no time for weak shit...
(Sold out)
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Amazing vintage punkrock a la early Eppu Normaali and such.
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(Sub Pop
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Cool punked-up Led Zep rock-action from way before the grunge-explosion and the taming of Soundgarden's sound to beer-commercial qualified crap.
(Sold out)
10 €
The best Finnish thrash/hardcore band at the moment. These guys sound a bit like an updated version of KTMK. If Society's favorite hardcore band. Lyrics in Finnish w/ English translations. Great packing.
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