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SLITS : In The Beginning

SLITS : In The Beginning SLITS
cd: 14,50 €  (Sold out)
"Comprehensive Collection of Perhaps the Most Influential & Ground Breaking all Female Punk Band of all Time. Also Includes Two Covers featuring Guest Vocals by Neneh Cherry & Nina Hagen."

1. Vindictive (3:00)
2. A Boring Life (3:00)
3. Slime (2:26)
4. Newtown (4:04)
5. Love & Romance (2:44)
6. Shoplifting (1:51)
7. Number One Enemy (2:14)
8. Number One Enemy (acoustic) (2:03)
9. In the Beginning (6:05)
10. Newtown (hi-fi) (4:29)
11. Man Next Door (7:12)
12. Grapevine (3:30)
13. Typical Girls (4:08)
14. Fade Away (3:41)
15. In the Beginning (Neneh Cherry) (12:14)

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