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SNOWDEN : Anti Anti

Label: Jade Tree
cd: 15 €  (Sold out)
"Jeffares voice soars above the hauntingly icy bass lines and chilly atmospherics. Bombs and death rays, corporate decay, and failed or failing love are just some of the bleak themes the band explore, and their album's title track might offer the best solution to the hopelessness of it all."

"The charm of Snowden's debut is its understated authenticity: Underneath all the accoutrements, these are Jeffares's bedroom songs, and it's not hard to extrapolate to their simpler days as anguished acoustic ballads."
-- Village Voice

Released: 22.8.2006
1. Like Bullets (4:10)
2. Anti-Anti (3:55)
3. My Murmuring Darling (3:45)
4. Filler Is Wasted (4:57)
5. Black Eyes (3:58)
6. Between the Rent and Me (3:51)
7. Counterfeit Rules (3:14)
8. Innocent Heathen (4:26)
9. Stop Your Bleeding (4:09)
10. Kill the Power (2:53)
11. Victim Card (5:11)
12. Sisters (3:51)

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