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S.O.D. : Rise of the Infidels

Label: Megaforce
S.O.D. : Rise of the Infidels S.O.D.
cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
S.O.D.'s final farewell to everyone: 4 all new S.O.D. stompers + a live concert with ALL the classics from March of the S.O.D. to Fist Banging Mania + a string of S.O.D.'s trademark ballads to dead people.

Released: 09/2007
1. Stand Up And Fight 2:34
2. Java Amigo 1:16
3. United And Strong 1:09
4. Ready To Fight 1:06
5. Ballad Of Nirvana-March Of The S.O.D. (Live) 2:10
6. Sgt D And The S.O.D. (Live) 3:36
7. Kill Yourself (Live) 2:44
8. Milano Mosh (Live) 2:40
9. Speak English Or Die (Live) 4:48
10. Fuck The Middle East (Live) 1:02
11. Douche Crew (Live) 1:51
12. Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix (Live) 0:41
13. Ballad Of Jim Morrison (Live) 0:17
14. Ballad Of INXS (Live) 0:26
15. Ballad Of Frank Sinatra (Live) 0:42
16. Ballad Of Nirvana (Live) 1:34
17. Ballad Of Freddy Mercury (Live) 0:29
18. Cromatic Death (Live) 0:50
19. Fist Banging Mania (Live) 3:29
20. No Turning Back (Live) 2:28
21. Milk (Live) 8:37
22. Pussywhipped (Live) 2:47
23. Freddy Krueger (Live) 4:59
24. United Forces (Live) 2:57
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