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SOLE : Live From Rome

Label: Anticon
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lp: 8 €  (Sold out)
Anticon founding member SOLE's third studio album (yeah, disregard the title, this IS a studio album) is what you've learned to expect: provocative, experimental, politically hypercharged, edgy, intelligent and highly groovy. Features production by the likes of Odd Nosdam and Alias.

1. Cheap Entertainment (3:28)
2. Self-Inflicted Wounds (4:10)
3. Predictions (1:12)
4. Sin Carne (3:10)
5. Entalude (1:26)
6. Locust Farm (1:48)
7. Every Single One of Us (4:08)
8. A Typical (1:26)
9. Crisis (2:41)
10. Manifesto 232 (3:34)
11. Banks of Marble (3:02)
12. Atheist Jihad (2:54)
13. Dumb This Down (3:13)
14. Imsotired (4:19)
15. On Martyrdom (5:23)
16. Theme (3:53)
17. Drive by Detournment (4:31)
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