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SOLE : Mansbestfriend Pt 3 "Myownworstenemy"

SOLE : Mansbestfriend Pt 3 "Myownworstenemy" SOLE
cd: 17,50 €  (Sold out)
"Another self-produced venture from Anticon stalwart Sole, who recorded these tracks in Barcelona between 2003 and 2005, remixed and remastered from the original War On Self tour release. As tends to be the case with the mansbestfriend material, synthesizers are dominant, producing highlights like the '80s sci-fi soundscapes of 'Fleece', the textured electronica of 'Melted Wings And Tired Feet' and the futuristic, discordant funk of 'The New Official'."

1. In Honor Of All Magnets (3:24)
2. Philosophical Germ (3:29)
3. My Own Worst Enemy (3:15)
4. Howling In A Vacuum (2:25)
5. The New Official (4:03)
6. Impermanent (2:11)
7. Last Song Of Oakland (1:55)
8. The Bridges Let Us Down (4:06)
9. Byrons Old New Pen (3:33)
10. Shadow Of A Satellite (2:41)
11. Fleece (2:03)
12. Melted Wings And Tired Feet (3:16)
13. Dream Of Misplaced Natives (2:38)
14. The Mosquito Song (4:43)
15. The Complaint / On My 36th Year (4:20)
16. Intro (6:05)
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