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SOLE : Sole and the Skyrider Band

Label: Anticon
SOLE : Sole and the Skyrider Band SOLE
cd: 18 €  (Sold out)
"Anticon impresario, Sole, is truly in top form, think Chuck D, meets a hyper-literate speed-freak, and an atheist suicide bomber. I believe it his best showing on record yet, and that is saying a lot."

Released: 10/2007
1. A Sad Day For Investors 4:25
2. Ghost, Assassinating Other Ghosts 5:28
3. Nothing Is Free 3:31
4. The Bridges, Let Us Down 3:23
5. A Hundred Light Years And Running 3:49
6. The Shipwreckers 3:49
7. Sound Of Head On Concrete 3:16
8. Magnum 4:24
9. The Bones Of My Pets 4:10
10. In Paradise 4:57
11. One Egg Short Of The Omelette 3:27
12. On Cavalry 5:05
13. Stupid Things Implode On Themselves 5:29
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