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SONIC YOUTH : Daydream Nation 4lp box

Label: Geffen
SONIC YOUTH : Daydream Nation 4lp box SONIC YOUTH
box: 40 €  (Sold out)
Classic Sonic Youth from 1988!

Deluxe edition! 4 lp's of Sonic Goodness!

The Original Album (Released 10/88)
1. Teen Age Riot
2. Silver Rocket
3. The Sprawl
4. 'Cross The Breeze
5. Eric's Trip
6. Total Trash
1. Hey Joni
2. Providence
3. Candle
4. Rain King
5. Kissability
6. a) The Wonder
7. b) Hyperstation
8. c) Eliminator Jr.
Live Daydream
1. The Sprawl
2. 'Cross The Breeze
3. Hey Joni
4. Silver Rocket
5. Kissability
6. Eric's Trip
7. Candle
8. The Wonder
9. Hyperstation
1. Eliminator Jr.
2. Providence
3. Teen Age Riot
4. Rain King
5. Totally Trashed
6. Total Trash
Cover Songs
7. Within You Without You
8. Touch Me I'm Sick
9. Computer Age
10. Electricity
11. Eric's Trip (demo)

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