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STEEN1 : Varasta pomolta

Label: Monsp
STEEN1 : Varasta pomolta STEEN1
cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
Angry political hiphop. Featuring a co-operation track with our very own thrashin' hardcore lunatics, Hero Dishonest!

Released: 28.9.2005
1. Mun fanit on typeriä sikoja feat. Hero Dishonest (1:25)
2. David Copperfield (4:17)
3. Pala!! (4:09)
4. Skit (0:29)
5. Ikkunaprinsessa feat. Mariska (4:15)
6. Ilman todisteita (2:54)
7. Huvipuiston takana feat. Kaucas (3:12)
8. Carosol Kid (3:54)
9. Skit 2 (0:32)
10. Kastimerkki (4:33)
11. Unionin sotilas (4:02)
12. Varasta pomolta (2:47)
13. Terroristi feat. Asa (4:01)
14. Lompakossa kuolema (3:01)
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