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STEREO TOTAL : Party Anticonformiste

Label: Bungalow
STEREO TOTAL : Party Anticonformiste STEREO TOTAL
cd: 7 €  (Sold out)
A nice collection older material from Germany's funniest, coolest and simply greatest electro-export, STEREO TOTAL! 24 songs + 5 videos + instant electro-party included!!!

Released: 02/2007
1. Schön von Hinten (2:51)
2. Supergirl (2:32)
3. Les Chansons d'a (3:37)
4. Dactylo Rock (2:32)
5. Touche-moi (2:22)
6. Cosmonaute (3:01)
7. Ach ach Liebling (1:59)
8. I Love You, Ono (3:08)
9. Sweet Charlotte (1:29)
10. Musique automatique (3:17)
11. Exakt Neutral (3:11)
12. Supercool (3:32)
13. Comme un garcon (2:38)
14. Lunatique (2:13)
15. Miau Miau (2:00)
16. Carte postale (2:44)
17. In/Out (2:17)
18. Für Immer 16 (1:42)
19. Party anticonformiste (2:11)
20. Holiday Inn (2:32)
21. Push It (0:58)
22. Liebe zu Dritt (3:12)
23. C'est la mort (2:49)
24. Wir tanzen im 4-Eck (4:29)
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