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STOOGES, THE : Weirdness

cd: 12,5 €  (Sold out)
The Stooges' 2007 comeback album. Not sure if it was worth it, but if you forget the pressure of listening to the ULTIMATE rock gods, the album is actually rather enjoyable. A solid rock n' roll effort.

Released: 06.03.2007
1. Trollin' (3:07)
2. You Can't Have Friends (2:22)
3. ATM (3:15)
4. My Idea of Fun (3:17)
5. The Weirdness (3:45)
6. Free & Freaky (2:39)
7. Greedy Awful People (2:07)
8. She Took My Money (3:49)
9. The End of Christianity (4:19)
10. Mexican Guy (3:29)
11. Passing Cloud (4:04)
12. I'm Fried (3:44)
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