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lp: 17 €  (Sold out)
Bad-assed blues from the one and only LÄJÄ ÄIJÄLÄ!
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(Sold out)
(Bad Vugum
14,50 €
Finland's greatest rock band and most under-appreciated funk band in one rough package with kraut / psychedelia thrown into the mix!

This album is from 1998.
(Sold out)
(Bad Vugum
14,50 €
Finland's tightest funk and roughest rock rolled into one! How about the Stooges jammin' with 1970-era JB's?

This album is from 1997.
(Sold out)
14,50 €
"Vinonaamakasio zooms in to explore the surface of newfound heavenly bodies, outlines the jagged shapes of exploding volcanoes, rolls with the moonlit waves through the cracks of sleeping, phosphorescent coral reefs, and marches in step with the six-legged insect armies making their trails through the steaming jungle."
(Sold out)
11 €
The weirdest thing ever! An actual mini strobe-light that when pointed at a Shogun Kunitoki "Vinonaamakasio"-picture lp reveals psychedelic animations from the vinyl surface! Is that COOL or WHAT?!

Check it in action on Vimeo.

Battery (9V) not included.
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