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SUPERSYSTEM : Always Never Again

cd: 14,50 €  (Sold out)
Coooool white-boy rn'b meets indie electronica.

Formerly called El Guapo these guys have been one of the most interesting bands on Dischord in recent years (then again, pretty much everything on Dischord is interesting...), but now they're on Touch and Go and are called Supersystem, which suits us just super as pretty much anything on Touch and Go is interesting as well. The name of the game is still pretty much the same: Tom Waits meets Run-DMC in an art-school café, although this new stuff is a bit more electronic than El Guapo's more organic approach.

Released: 12.4.2005
1. Born Into the World (4:36)
2. Everybody Sings (4:02)
3. Defcon 4 (5:16)
4. Six Cities (3:34)
5. Click-Click (4:05)
6. Miracle (3:43)
7. The Love Story (4:27)
8. Tragedy (3:44)
9. 1977 (3:40)
10. Devour Delight (3:08)

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