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TEATTERI MODERNI KANUUNA : Oopperse Le Feti Le Grande Anaale

Label: Fonal
cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
"Oopperse Le Feti Le Grande Anaale" is the debut album by the Pori theatre company Teatteri Moderni Kanuuna released by Fonal Records on 30.3.2004.

Teatteri Moderni Kanuuna is a freelance theatre company established in 2000. The plays performed by the company are written by Mika Rättö, known for his contributions to bands such as Circle and Kuusumun Profeetta. “Oopperse Le Feti Le Grande Anaale” is the soundtrack to a play of the same name, performed in Pori in late 2002. Even though the album follows the structure of the original script, it is an independent work and merely references the music heard in the play. Alongside Rättö, the musicians on the album are Pasi Salmi and Harri Sippola (Magyar Posse), as well as Jussi Reunamäki who also recorded the album. The album also features nearly the full cast of the play and a host of guest musicians.

The story of the play revolves around a man (building contractor Le Feti) who, driven by his ambition, builds an engine of destruction (a giant arse in the middle of a forest) but cannot deal with the consequences. The builders of the arse lose their minds and the life of the entire village is turned upside down. People from the otherside start popping out of arse (Lu Surmiina Suttuhousu Lo Paletto, Monsieur Bebeto Pipilo Pipilo Perskuvernööri Puoliviiksi, Korkeuksien Pornokeiju ja Kyttyrä), proceeding then to humiliate the villagers thoroughly, including the administration. Le Feti forgives himself for what he has done, but the community condemns him by casting him in penis.

Teatteri Moderni Kanuuna is currently presenting the play “Murheenkapselista galleriaan ja asemalle – Kyseenalainen avaruusseikkailu” and recording the soundtrack to the play.

- Harri Sippola

Released: 30.3.2004
1. Prologion alkusaatelma ennen turmiota (1:04)
2. Perimmäisen olemuksen valinta (2:40)
3. Le Fetin rakennusaikeen paljastus (3:39)
4. Rakennushankkeen intripiliointi ja naulaus (4:24)
5. Huorat saapuvat pakon eessä tuomioistuimen eteen (2:19)
6. Albertto Kepler Lessing palaa järkensä menettäneenä (4:50)
7. Kyläinneuvoston kunniajäsenet Po-la ja Mir-mi, Lu Surmiina Suttuhousu Lo Paletto nöyryyttää (3:31)
8. Aliupseeri Vasil Gorlov kolmen huoran seurassa, Puoliviiksi yllättää (7:07)
9. Kyttyrä ja Korkeuksien Pornokeiju kohtaavat toiveenmerkeissä,Aurinkopäivän triumphi (3:11)
10. Le Fetin sananvaihto koppakuoriaiselle (4:00)
11. Tuomioistuin pui Le Fetin rikosta yhteisöä kohtaan (2:05)
12. Fallos kaneetti, tuomiona peenikseen valu (4:59)

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