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THOR : Live in Detroit

Label: Ektro
THOR : Live in Detroit THOR
cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
"While Thor stood out front roaring to the crowds with his mighty vocals, Steve Price gave incredible superhuman shredding performances as he wailed on his guitar. Mike Favata supplied the backbeat, pounding the drums into submission with his furious assault. Keith Zazzi was superior on his weapon, the bass, as well as raunchy backing vocals. Pantera supplied all the sultry sexiness of a female goddess and warrior as she sang backing vocals while she seduced the throngs of adoring fans. What Kerrang magazine said of Pantera was that she had "the biggest bristols in rock". In British terms they meant the largest breasts to ever grace the stage.

Thor's Live in Detroit is one of the Greatest Lost Milestones in the Saga of Heavy Metal.

This special re-release, originally from 1985, includes exclusive bonus tracks, some of them never heard before.

Live in Detroit is a guaranteed power trip to the Golden Age of Metal. Metal Madness."
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