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TRAKTOR PULLING : Ghost Hungerland

Label: Ektro
7": 6 €  (Sold out)
New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal in 7"-format?! You bet'cha! Geddit while it's hot!

"Circle, Pharaoh Overlörd, Krypt Axeripper, Steel Mammoth... These bands familiar to NWOFHM warriors will find a new comrade standing in their ranks, when Ektro Records releases the debut single of Tractor Pulling. ”Ghost Hungerland” will enter record stores with a bang like the volcanoes of Lucifer! ”Ghost Hungerland” has two boogie rock songs of the most radioactive variety, immortalized on seven inches of black vinyl. When this music makes the legs of your pants flap around with greasy primitivism, the only solution is to jump into a flaming truck and thunder down the highway! High speed! Low speed!"
-Ektro website

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1 €
We truly are not worthy! Mother Goose not only influenced a generation of finnish indie-rockers to follow their own path in life and music, but after all these years they still continue to walk proudly in the very head of the queue! This is indie-rock at it's finest and purest form captured on a beautiful 45 rpm 7"-vinyl single.
(Sold out)
3,50 €
"I choose to not put any kind of sticker on it since they go way beyond any labeling." (Mats Gustafsson, Broken Face), "nice stuff; walking bass lines, cool melodies, s’kinda lounge jazz... hey! there’s a dildo, hand farts and a drill as extra instrumentation! A sense of humour, I like that in a band." (Steve Hanson, Ptolemaic Terrascope). Edition of 200.
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5 €
This is a follow up to Another One Dead's debut full length "Come What May", the "Chinese Democracy" of Finnish hardcore.
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Iron Maiden's punk-flavored debut on a coooool picture disc!
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