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V/A : Building A Legacy, vol. 2

Label: Full House
V/A : Building A Legacy, vol. 2
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cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
A compilation of Finnish new school hardcore.

Released: 2008
1. Bolt: Unbroken
2. Bolt: Ready to Bleed
3. Third Man Down: Holier Than Thou'
4. Third Man Down: Strings
5. Cold Inside: No Flowers Will Rise From This Soil
6. Cold Inside: Winter Push On
7. Fightback: Fightback Style
8. Fightback: Paypack Time
9. Worth The Pain: These Stained Hands
10. Worth The Pain: To Release Myself
11. Scalping Screen: Two-Bladed Sword
12. Scalping Screen: Minefield
13. No One Is Safe: Family First
14. No One Is Safe: Rähinä
15. St.Hood: This Is It
16. Breamgod: Get Off My Case
17. Breamgod: Sinking Ship
18. Out Of Breath: Not Your Enemy
19. Out Of Breath: OOB
20. End Begins: Empty Bottle
21. End Begins: Prove Me Wrong (The Message)
22. Another One Dead: No Coming Back
23. Another One Dead: Castaway
24. Ratface: Saunakillaz
25. Ratface: Devilz Child
26. Loss Of Humanity: As Empire Falls
27. Loss Of Humanity: Enemy
28. Cutdown: No Apologies
29. Cutdown: Out Of Bounds

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