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V/A : Combat Rock Sound, vol.1

V/A : Combat Rock Sound, vol.1
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cd: 3 €  (Sold out)
The kingpins (I had to write this if I wanted to stay unhurt!) of the finnish punk-scene are celebrating their first half-decade with a compilation featuring a rather impressive tracklist with stuff from finnish mainstays (like Manifesto Jukebox, Ümlaut, Endstand and Hero Dishonest), fresher talent (like Lighthouse Project and the already demised On a Solid Rock) and foreign aural assassins (like From Ashes Rise, I Excuse and Oi Polloi). Compilations are always compilations, but you can definitely expect some serious value for your money with this cd. Especially if you're a new jack looking to find out what the hell is this punk-thingy anyways.

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