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V/A : Definitive Jux Teaser 2005

Label: Def Jux
V/A : Definitive Jux Teaser 2005
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cd: 2 €  (Sold out)
A compilation from one of the coolest labels in hiphop: Def Jux. Including household names like El-P, Aesop Rock, The Perceptionists, RJD2 and such...

1. S.A. Smash: The Harvest 4:14
2. Aesop Rock: Fast Cars 4:35
3. C-Rayz Walz: Walk Through (f. Rob Sonic) 5:06
4. RJD2: Through The Walls (Ric Ocasek Vocal Version) 3:31
5. Rob Sonic: Shoplift (El-P Remix) 3:50
6. The Perceptionists: The Razor (Ikey Of The Mars Volta Remix) 3:56
7. Cage: Hell's Winter 5:10

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This record is available for free download from Viola Music Club

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