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V/A : Turkkia matkailijoille

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mc: 4 €  (Sold out)

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Lo-fi bluesy pop. Paul Westerbergs latest albums and Beck's Mutations spring to mind.
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Excellent accoustic solo release by the man behind the band Jumalan Ruoska and Vainajan Velat comics. 16 dumbstriking incidents from the life in Vieremä.
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Cooooool 10 piece sticker-set with a design of the one and only J.Mällinen about to bash out a thunderous riff! The size of the sticker is A7 (74x105mm).
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10 €
The second full length by the Finnish surf punks, THE VERTICALS offers 8 new tracks.

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10 €
A four-way international hardcore compilation feat. Ydinperhe and Yhteiskunnan Ystävät from Finland.
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