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VARJO + FRIVOLVOL : Ensinäytös + Who Needs Maps..

Label: If Society
VARJO + FRIVOLVOL : Ensinäytös + Who Needs Maps..
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lp: 8 €  BUY»
Classic Finnish post-punk and weirdo math-core for an insane price and for the postage of one LP!

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The 2nd or 3rd (depending on how you like to count..) longplay by this still young noiserock/punk band from Oulu. Easily the best and heaviest.
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Crushing no-wave with primitive drum beats, grinding guitars and haunting delay-heavy vocals.
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The 13th album by Radiopuhelimet! Release date 20 September 2013.
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Classic Finnish post-punk / goth. Includes their early Ensinäytös promo + bonus tracks off dusty old c-cassettes.
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