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VASELINES : The Way Of The Vaselines - A Complete History

Label: Sub Pop
VASELINES : The Way Of The Vaselines - A Complete History VASELINES
cd: 9.50 €  (Sold out)
A great compilation of one of the greatest lofi-indiepop bands of all time!

1. Son of a Gun (3:46)
2. Rory Rides Me Raw (2:28)
3. You Think You're a Man (5:43)
4. Dying for It (2:22)
5. Molly's Lips (1:44)
6. Teenage Superstars (3:28)
7. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (3:31)
8. Sex Sux (Amen) (3:10)
9. Slushy (2:00)
10. Monsterpussy (1:43)
11. Bitch (2:42)
12. No Hope (3:21)
13. Oliver Twisted (2:49)
14. The Day I Was a Horse (1:29)
15. Dum-Dum (1:57)
16. Hairy (1:48)
17. Lovecraft (5:37)
18. Dying for It (The Blues) (3:09)
19. Let's Get Ugly (2:19)

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