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VENE : Ihmisten naamaan

VENE : Ihmisten naamaan VENE
cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
Combine Radiopuhelimet + Mudhoney + Scratch Acid + a shitload of teenage angst from northern Finland and you've got VENE. These guys ain't fucking around.

Released: 15.4.2009
Me Ollaan Salamyhkäisiä / Oikeeta Musiikkia / Vässykkä / Nahkanallukka / Kurt Russell / Margariinitehtaalla / Radio, Radio / Lähiössä Itketään / Maaseudun Ikuisuus / / Elämäsi Sontatunkiolla

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The hottest mix of punk, metal and noise. Sounds like Oulu.
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5 €
The sonic equivalent of a serious case of delirium tremens that quite simply rocks the fucking shirts off all of you sad wankers out there. This shit is the real thing: 80's underground indie-rock influences madness that owes a lot to Big Black, Rapeman, Deep Turtle, Charles Bukowski and the god of alcohol (not to mention terrible hang-overs).
4 €
The 11th and arguably finest record from one of Finland's most legendary and enduring non-mainstream rock n' roll bands!
(Sold out)
8 €
"Ok, now these blokes are not even in their twenties yet but they play like all hell's gonna break loose. TIGHT noisepunkrock in the vein of early Radiopuhelimet/Hero Dishonest/Jesus Lizard/etc, with a sackful of something completely their own (Finns should pay special attention to their clever lyrics). 15 tunes in 18 minutes, no bullshit."

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6 €
The 2nd or 3rd (depending on how you like to count..) longplay by this still young noiserock/punk band from Oulu. Easily the best and heaviest.
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