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VICTIMS : Killer

cd: 13 €  (Sold out)
Rockin' D-beat hardcore from Sweden.

Released: 02/2008
1. Victims in blood #5 1:33
2. Fade away 1:22
3. How could I lie? 1:10
4. No reason 2:16
5. Try? 0:24
6. Killing 2:28
7. We're fucked 0:57
8. Destroy and rebuild 1:34
9. The burning fire 1:37
10. Ett Svart Ar 1:15
11. For a second 2:40
12. Holy shit! 0:47
13. Breaking out 2:28
14. Another me 1:05
15. Bomben Har Fallit 1:02
16. Silence of the night 1:49
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