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VIIMEINEN KOLONNA : Tuhat aurinkoa

7": 3 €  (Sold out)
Finnish old school hardcore.

"New ep from this Finnish hardcore crew. This time with the new line-up but still sounding as raw and brutal 82-hardcore. 8 new killer tracks."

Equalizing Distort::

"The centerpiece of this 7” is branded 82 HC. That should be a hint as to where VIIMEINEN KOLLONNA are coming from. But where '82 hardcore means something to us in North America, VIIMEINEN KOLLONNA mean it something more impactful on Scandinavian hardcore which is DISCHARGE's sound. Just like how RATTUS were trying to be Finland's answer to DISCHARGE, VIIMEINEN KOLLONNA are taking a d-beat and bleeding it through these songs with the added raw production that early TERVEET KADET records became known for. “Tuhat Auriinkoa” would be a classic if it came out in the early 80's, but I think it deserves that chance to earn status amidst the current crop of Finn-core that is pervading the scene. They have to stand up against the likes of DISKELMA, KIELTOLAKI, VAARINKASITYS, KYKLOOPIEN SUKUPUTTO and dozens of others. That might explain why Finnish hardcore is gold again. (SP)"

1. Samaa massamurhaa
2. Ihmiset on rumia
3. Tuhat aurinkoa
4. Ei paluuta

5. Ne saatanat
6. Kaikki haluu valtaa
7. Haluatko koskea tuleen?
8. Ruho liikkuu aivot ei toimi
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