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WASTED : Heroes Amongst Thieves

WASTED : Heroes Amongst Thieves WASTED
cd: 7 €  (Sold out)
The third full length from Finland's #1 punk rock band sounds like... WASTED! This record will suprise nobody, but who the fuck cares, since with Wasted we don't want to be suprised, we want to get fucking rocked out with the best melodic punk rock songs this side of Black Flag and Bad Religion.

1. High on a Social Ladder (3:05)
2. The Prisoner (3:01)
3. Heroes Amongst Thieves (3:24)
4. Dead Too Soon (1:57)
5. In the Darkest Hours (3:19)
6. New Sensation (3:10)
7. Soundtrack for My Escape (3:05)
8. Collision (2:01)
9. Stealth (3:57)
10. Promises & Handshakes (3:39)
11. Lessons (2:58)
12. The Ship of Death (2:57)
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