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cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
The White Stripes' 4th album from 2003. Contains the MASSIVE hit Seven Nation Army.

Released: 2003
1. Seven Nation Army (3:51)
2. Black Math (3:03)
3. There's No Home for You Here (3:43)
4. I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself (2:46)
5. In the Cold, Cold Night (2:58)
6. I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart (3:20)
7. You've Got Her in Your Pocket (3:39)
8. Ball and Biscuit (7:19)
9. The Hardest Button to Button (3:32)
10. Little Acorns (4:09)
11. Hypnotize (1:48)
12. The Air Near My Fingers (3:40)
13. Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine (3:17)
14. Well It's True That We Love One Another (2:42)
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