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WHY? : Oaklandazulasylum

Label: Anticon
WHY? : Oaklandazulasylum WHY?
lp: 11.50 €  (Sold out)
First album of hiphop flavored indiepop/-rock from Why?

Released: 16.6.2003
1. Ferriswheel (2:24)
2. Cold Lunch (Albert Brown Mortuary Dumpster Dive remix) (1:36)
3. Afterschool America (1:19)
4. Our Neighbor's Daughter (1:44)
5. A Little Titanic (3:32)
6. Weak Moon (2:14)
7. Early Whitney (4:03)
8. Dream on Cortelyou (2:55)
9. Women Eye, "NO." (1:32)
10. Dirty Glass (3:27)
11. Shirtless, Sheetless, and (1:59)
12. Bad Entropy (5:02)
13. Seventeen (2:33)
14. Ape in Cage With Wire Cutters (4:08)
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