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WILSON, JENNY : Love And Youth

cd: 8 €  (Sold out)
Brilliant Swedish homegrown electropop from this ex-First Floor Power member.

Released: 06.04.2005
1. Crazy Summer (3:16)
2. Summer Time - the Roughest Time (3:30)
3. Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward (4:25)
4. Those Winters (3:31)
5. Bitter? No, I Just Love to Complain (4:21)
6. Would I Play With My Band? (4:05)
7. Love and Youth (4:32)
8. A Hesitating Cloud of Despair (3:05)
9. Love Ain't Just a Four Letter Word (5:07)
10. Common Around Here (4:07)
11. Hey, What's the Matter (4:56)
12. Balcony Smoker (2:31)
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