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WIRE : Chairs Missing

WIRE : Chairs Missing WIRE
lp: 14.50 €  (Sold out)
Wire's second album that starts taking steps away from the straight-up punk rock and putting the "post-" prefix to it. Brilliant stuff!

Released: 08/1978
1. Practice Makes Perfect (4:06)
2. French Film Blurred (2:34)
3. Another the Letter (1:08)
4. Men 2nd (1:42)
5. Marooned (2:21)
6. Sand in My Joints (1:50)
7. Being Sucked in Again (3:12)
8. Heartbeat (3:15)
9. Mercy (5:45)
10. Outdoor Miner (1:44)
11. I Am the Fly (3:07)
12. I Feel Mysterious Today (1:56)
13. From the Nursery (2:57)
14. Used To (2:17)
15. Too Late (4:12)
16. Go Ahead (3:59)
17. Former Airline (3:21)
18. Question of Degree (3:10)

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