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WIRE : Pink Flag

WIRE : Pink Flag WIRE
lp: 14.50 €  (Sold out)
Classic UK-punk/post-punk!

Released: 12/1977
A1 – Reuters
A2 – Field Day For The Sundays
A3 – Three Girl Rhumba
A4 – Ex Lion Tamer
A5 – Lowdown
A6 – Start To Move
A7 – Brazil
A8 – It's So Obvious
A9 – Surgeon's Girl
A10 – Pink Flag
B1 – The Commercial
B2 – Straight Line
B3 – 106 Beats That
B4 – Mr Suit
B5 – Strange
B6 – Fragile
B7 – Mannequin
B8 – Different To Me
B9 – Champs
B10 – Feeling Called Love
B11 – 12XU

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This record is available for free download from Viola Music Club
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