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X-RAY SPEX : Germfree Adolescents

Label: Earmark
X-RAY SPEX : Germfree Adolescents X-RAY SPEX
lp: 10 €  (Sold out)
X-Ray Spex' classic punkrock debut that influenced a lot of the oncoming new wave revolution.

Released: 1978
A1. Art-I-Ficial (3:21)
A2. Obsessed With You (2:27)
A3. Warrior in Woolworths (3:03)
A4. Let's Submerge (3:23)
A5. I Can't Do Anything (2:55)
A6. Identity (2:22)

B1. Genetic Engineering (2:46)
B2. I Live Off You (2:06)
B3. I Am a Poseur (2:30)
B4. Germfree Adolescents (3:10)
B5. Plastic Bag (4:51)
B6. The Day the World Turned Day-Glo (2:50)
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