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XIU XIU : Knife Play

Label: 5RC
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cd: 7 €  (Sold out)
"Attacking established pop, tearing it apart, and then putting back together. All kinds of weird cut-ups, juxtapositions, classical instrumentation, and unexpected arrangements, alternating between screaming tantrums and wavery whispers. Between cerebral abstraction and visceral emotion. Melody, energy and chaos, as if it's ready to blow apart at any minute, oddly cathartic."
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Released: 2002
1. Don Diasco (2:54)
2. I Broke Up (2:20)
3. Luber (4:02)
4. Hives Hives (3:42)
5. Dr. Troll (3:54)
6. Over Over (4:05)
7. Anne Dong (4:51)
8. Suha (4:57)
9. Poe Poe (3:40)
10. Homonculus (3:20)
11. Tonite and Today (What Chu' Talkin' 'Bout) (5:22)

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