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- 2.10.2017
Hey! It's been quiet here on the website, if you want to catch the latest news follow us on facebook. We're going to have a new website and webstore "soon", hopefully before the end of the year.

If Society moved to a new address and it's been rough 6 months renovating a new home/studio/record office/record storage. Hence the silence here. Webstore has been running normally though, some delays here and there.

Our latest releases
- Kaupungin Valot - Salaista musiikkia LP
- Sur-Rur - Ihmisiä nurmikolla CD
- Tryer - Samaa tarinaa CD

are all available from our webstore. Go grab some stuff from our MEGA BLOWOUT SALE and help us to make more room for new releases.


- Mikko / IF SOCIETY

RADIOPUHELIMET - Saastan kaipuu LP/CD/MC pe 17.06.

- 17.6.2016
RADIOPUHELIMET - Saastan kaipuu CD/LP/TAPE/DL out on Friday 17th. Order here.

Check out a song Harmaata off the album.


2016 - new releases, new website coming

- 28.1.2016
Ooops! Not too many updates here lately. We're gonna get a new website SOON, will update it more frequently. Here's what's coming out in 2016:

-Echo Is Your Love 7" on Feb 5th
-Boys Of Scandinavia : Psychomachia 2xLP/CD in March
-Hero Dishonest : LP/CD in April-May
-Radiopuhelimet : LP/CD in summer

..plus maybe a couple more. It's going to be a helluva year for If Society, tons of great records, tons of work. Please help us and buy a record, go to shows, support the bands, support the music.


RADIOPUHELIMET : Maasäteilyä 20th anniversary reissu

- 28.5.2015
Hey hey,

long time no update but hopefully you've already caught the news: we're reissuing 'Maasäteilyä', an LP by RADIOPUHELIMET from 1995 on vinyl and tape. The vinyl comes with funny stories about how the record got its birth told by the band. Download coupon included. The tape is strictly limited to 100 copies and comes with download coupon. Order both of them here. Release date June 5th. Licensed from Bad Vugum.

Tons of more stuff coming out, next one in September, more about that soon....


BAD PENNY - House of Glass LP out on Jan 16

- 16.12.2014
Hey hey,

one more post before Xmas and the end of 2014. Our next release, Bad Penny's debut album "House of Glass" just landed yesterday. Pre-order is already up in our webstore. Order now and have the LP shipped to you for January 16th.

Bad Penny is a new indie-noiserock-90ish-post punkin' band from Helsinki including Vellu the singer of the long-running hardcore band Hero Dishonest. Their debut album is 10 dark, melodic 90's inspired indie blasts on black vinyl limited to 250 copies. Check out a song here.

Bad Penny

There's also a massive Xmas blowout sale going on in our webstore, all our releases -25% until Jan 16. Order here.

Tons of new stuff coming in 2015!

new TRYER LP out on 24 October

- 21.10.2014
Hey hey!

Here's the latest news: Tryer from Tampere, Finland will release their new vinyl album "Kukkia kaamoksesta" (with a free cd) on Friday 24th October on If Society. The opening track has already been blasting on the national radio in Finland and can be heard here.

Pre-order the record from our webstore.


If you like your punk fast and melodic but still raw here's your deal. The album is 12 tracks of mostly fast, energetic singalong old school punk with an epic skate punk meets Iron Maiden twist.

More news and releases later this year.

-Mikko / If Society

Fate Vs Free Willy - Every Human Was a Child 7"

- 13.8.2014

Looks like we're going to be busy before the end of 2014..! Got THREE new releases lined up, the first one being Fate Vs Free Willy's debut release 'Every Human Was a Child' 7" which is coming out on Friday 15th August. Fate Vs Free Willy is a three-piece noise group of Russian youngsters living in Helsinki and making the coolest no-wave/psych/punk/noise we've heard in a while. The band has played in the Helsinki DIY scene for a couple years and opened for Lydia Lunch and now it's time for the debut.

Fate Vs Free Willy

The 7" consists of four loud repetitive blasts of noise with minimalist rhythms, dissonant riffs and eerie vocals. Fans of early New York No Wave, early Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch, early Jesus And Mary Chain and maybe Suicide will love this.

300 records pressed, each comes with download coupon.

The band will play a bunch of shows this fall:

15.8 Tampere, Keltainen talo w/ tba
16.8. Lappeenranta, Kalevatron festival
28.8 Helsinki, Semifinal w/ Olimpia Splendid, The Mymmelins
19.9. Helsinki, Erikoisuuden tavoittelu vol. 3 @ Lepakkomies w/ Tomutonttu, Hero Dishonest, Unheaven
2.10. Helsinki, Helatorstai-klubi @ Henry's Pub

Order the record here here.

..The other two releases will be announced soon.

Follow us on facebook.

Peace and Love.
Mikko / If Society

Radiopuhelimet double LP and Hero Dishonest 7" delayed till 4th Apri

- 26.3.2014
Hello folks,

sorry to let you know that the first ever vinyl version of Radiopuhelimet's "Oulu on kaupungin nimi" from 2000 and the new Hero Dishonest 7" titled "Kaikki hajoaa" are both postponed till 4th April as the records didn't arrive early enough to make it to the record stores this week. One more week to go!

Meanwhile, you can still preorder both titles from our
webstore and check out Hero Dishonest's new new video.

Hero Dishonest will tour the east coast of USA in late April. The dates are as follows:

Friday April 25 - Philadelphia PA
Saturday April 26 - Richmond VA
Sunday April 27 - Washington DC
Monday April 28 - Pittsburgh PA
Tuesday April 29 - Columbus OH
Wednesday April 30 - Detroit MI
Thursday May 1 - Buffalo NY
Friday May 2 - Albany NY
Saturday May 3 - NYC-ABC NO RIO


New year, new stuff

- 26.1.2014
Hello, peoples!

We ended our year with the new Famine Year LP which was a split with a couple cool, young labels. You can get this crust/hardcore/metal monster from here.

In next couple months we're going to have "Oulu on kaupungin nimi" by Radiopuhelimet on vinyl for the first time ever. The album was released in 2000 by Bad Vugum only on cd. The vinyl is re-mastered by Pentti Dassum and we're going to hear a bonus track, "Myrskyn silmässä", from the same sessions from 2000 which makes the album a double vinyl. Expect this classic to be out in March.

Around the same time we're going to deliver you the new 5-track 7" ep by Hero Dishonest. There's a rumour that the band will tour USA again this spring..

Keep ordering records and peacing and loving.

RADIOPUHELIMET hits top 10 !

- 1.10.2013
Ok, the new Radiopuhelimet album "Ei kenenkään maa" is out and hit the official album chart at #10 on its first week making the record our first top 10 release..! Thanks for buying and supporting.

We even put out a strictly limited tape press, all the 100 tapes were sold out in a couple weeks.

You can still order the cd and/or vinyl from our webstore. Here's a video for the title track of the album.

Already got a new release in the works.. Stay tuned.

Peace & love.


- 17.8.2013
Hello folks,
been a busy summer at the If Society headquarters working towards our next release, the 13th album by the mighty punk-funk explosion known as Radiopuhelimet. This time the band switches from fuzz and buzz to acoustic songs, but fear not, the record is as intense as their previous albums.


"Ei kenenkään maa" is out on September 20th. You can already preorder the album from our webstore or from
Record Store X. The vinyl comes with download code and is a split release between us and Record Store X.

Check out the opening track of the album titled Tommin Pornolehdet.


New Hero Dishonest album out on April 26

- 19.3.2013
Sorry for the long silence, it's been a hectic first quarter of the year.

HERO DISHONEST's new album "Alle Lujaa" will hit the streets in EU on April 26th. The CD/LP will go on presale in early April after the band is back from their US tour. The album is coming out in US on Peterwalkee Records in late March.

The album is also coming out in Brasil on Läjä Records in early May.

The first video off the album.

Hero Dishonest live in Finland:

03.05. Oulu - Nuclear Nightclub
04.05. Jyväskylä - Ilokivi
08.05. Helsinki - Lepakkomies
09.05. Tampere - Vastavirta
10.05. Lappeenranta - Galleria Hoi Sie
11.05. Joensuu - La Barre
07.07. Helsinki - Kuudes aisti
02.-03.08. Lappeenranta - LPRHcFest

New discounts

- 11.11.2012
Happy father's day! Thanks to everyone who ordered stuff from our October blow-out sale. There's a new discount for a double LP package, you can get Varjo's "Ensinäytös" LP and Frivolvol's "Who Needs Maps.." LP for 12 euros and the postage of one LP now for 12 euros!

Order the package here.

More news on near future releases coming soon.


TRYER : Hero Quest LP + super mega blow out sale !

- 1.10.2012
Hello hello again!

Lots of action in the midst of the coming dark age of rain, sleet and depression. We try to keep it away by pushing out a surprise release from the ghettos of Tampere.. Tryer is Jussi from our old friends' band Frivolvol and his couple mates getting back to their punk roots and straightening their hardcore and making it short, fast and melodic.


Their debut LP "Hero Quest" is pretty much self-released by the band but we're helping them with distribution and stuff. Check out a sample here and order the record from our webstore.

Also, if you still don't have Vene's latest LP you might wanna go for the super cheapo combo package and order BOTH the Tryer LP and Vene LP for 15 euros only and for the postage of one LP...? Are we insane? Yes we is. Get the combo here.

Aaand, since it's October which means nothing we're going to get into another blow out sale and have all cds for 1-5 euros and all LPs for 5-8 euros. Check out the sale list here.

Phew, that's all. Except that Kevin is still getting some great reviews. "Ebb And Flow confirms once again that there's something in the water over there in Scandinavia. With bands like this, it does seem the place to be." -­ Ptolemaic Terrascope.

Peace and love.
Mikko / If Society

New video from Kevin + reviews

- 26.9.2012
Hello friends,
Kevin's new album "Ebb and Flow" is out and getting super nice reviews. They also have a new video for the opening track of the record, go check it out here.

Reviews for 'Ebb and Flow':

For 'Ebb and Flow', Kevin simply took the best bits of all the music they love and created a classic."
- (5/5), Soundi magazine (Finland)

"Ebb And Flow" confirms once again that there's something in the water over there in Scandinavia. With bands like this, it does seem the place to be..."
- Terrascope (USA)

"'Ebb and Flow' offers catchy melodies, beautiful harmonies and an aura of pop songs that seem have been born either effortlessly or by accident. But it also offers unorthodox arrangements and estranging elements. [---] The parts are in balance and the whole is exceptionally well-executed."
- (4/5), Desibeli.net (Finland)

"Kevin is convincing with their mature, downright serene playing. The album starter Standing On A Rubber Band extends to almost eight minutes of relaxed vibes, and none of the other songs aren't rushed either. Trippy guitars and hazy vocal harmonies fit in with late-summer melancholy."
- Satakunnan Kansa (Finland)

"Kevin has transformed from a simple retro-rocking band into a psychedelic, partly progressively jamming music machine. The songs on the album are born of improvisation and intuitive playing, and the themes move about miles above the ground. The beautiful melodies and and skillfully-constructed vocal harmonies are there. ['Ebb and Flow'] is an album that should be listened with plenty of time for immersion. "
- Stop Shake Honey Go (Finland)

You can order the album from our webshop.

More news on upcoming releases coming soon..

Mikko / If Society

Kevin album stream + pre-order

- 11.9.2012
Kevin's new album is streaming
here till Friday when you can actually go out and buy the CD! Or you can pre-order the album from our shop and have it delivered to you for Friday 14th.


Kevin's new album Ebb And Flow up for pre-order

- 5.9.2012
Hey hey!
Kevin's new album is up for your pre-orders in our webshop. Order it now and have sent to you for Friday 14th September.

Kevin live this autumn:

FRI 21 Sep - Telakka, Tampere (Monsters of Pop festival)

WED 3 Oct - Klubi, Turku

SAT 20 Oct - Korjaamo, Helsinki,

FRI 16 Nov - Poppari, Jyväskylä

Check out this cool album teaser.

Kevin release date + Sound Cloud + Hero Dishonest albums out in US

- 1.7.2012
Heya! Hope you're all having a great summer..? Today's news go as follows:

Kevin´s new album "Ebb and Flow" will be released on 12th of September. The first single, A Lonely Place is free for download and should hit the airwaves in Finland as we speak.. A new video and a teaser are in the works. We're super excited about this album, it's sooo good..

Check out the If Society Sound Cloud playlist if you're not familiar with our sounds yet.

Hero Dishonest's previous album "Dangerous" (2010) will be out in USA later this year or early next year on Peterwalkee Records. They will release the band's upcoming album, too, just prior to the band's US tour in spring 2013. Needless to say we're happy about this after looking for a US license for so long.

That's it, more Kevin news coming up soon. Enjoy the weather while it's good. It'll look different in a few months.


Fun touring France and Spain, Hero Dishonest to tour Russia and Belarus

- 31.5.2012
Fun will do their seemingly annual tour in France and Spain in late May-early June. The dates go as follows (all shows with Magneto):

30/05 Paris, France @ le Café de Paris
31/05 Angers, France @ le Troglobale
01/06 Rennes, France @ La Bascule
02/06 Bayonne, France @ Kixkil
03/06 Bilbao, Spain @ Bar Sentinel
04/06 Madrid, Spain @ Würlitzer Ballroom
05/06 TBA, Spain
06/06 Ponteverda, Spain @ Liceo Mutante

Hero Dishonest will please their eastern friends with another tour.. The tour starts in Belarus and ends in St Petersburg, Russia. The dates and venues are:

mon. 4th June - Minsk - Jolly Roger Cafe
tue. 5th June - Smolensk - Hospitable Ed
wed. 6th June - Moscow - Chocolate Factory
thu. 7th June - Vologda - Heaven Club
fri. 8th June - Novgorod - London
sat. 9th June - St. Petersburg - Dusche

KEVIN joins the If Society club

- 25.3.2012
Hello again friends! We're happy to announce that the latest member in the happy gang of If Society bands is called Kevin. Kevin is a 10+ year old psych-rock band from Helsinki whose latest album "Bad Dream Stone Mystery" came out in 2006 on Gashopper Records. Their 3rd album will be released in September 2012 by If Society. You can already enjoy the first video off the album on their website (link above) or download the full-length album version here.


Meanwhile, keep ordering the new Vene LP. It's getting great reviews and radioplay, all you boys and girls should get the record now.

Makepeace and Dempsey, not war!


- 9.2.2012
Hello friends! As we promised there'll be some killer new releases this year. We'll kick off with the new LP by VENE from Oulu, Finland. Vene is an 8-year old noiserock-punk monster whose 1st album we co-released a few years ago when the guys were still under their twenties.. Now, some years later they've matured to be some seriously heavy and crunchy early Sub Popish noiserock with some sweet pop moments thrown into the mix. Fans of Jesus Lizard, Fun, early Nirvana, Radiopuhelimet - here's your deal. The LP comes with download code for mp3s.

Vene - Hiljaa pää kiinni LP

Check out the opening track of the album:
Ride 4 Life

..and pre-order the LP

The release date is 28th of March, we'll ship the LPs to you for that date.

More cool stuff coming.. and stuff, yeah.
Peace & hugs and harmony!

Crazy X-mas discount!!

- 2.12.2011
Hey hey folks! Long time no talk, but it's been a busy year. We've got heaps new things coming up next year but before that go grab some oldies from our super X-mas discount. The prices are as follows and are valid till the end of year but expect slooow delivery if you wait over X-mas..

Black Audio – Endurator LP 7€
Black Audio – Live at Torvi 10” 5€
Boys of Scandinavia – Kill the Party CD 2€
Echo Is Your Love – 8 Hours CD 4€
Echo Is Your Love – bear shirt (Sizes: S, M, L (boy size M sold out!)
Echo Is Your Love – Heart Fake CD 4€
Echo Is Your Love – Humansize LP 7€
Echo Is Your Love – Lion Tamer Vs Tigers CDEP 2€
Echo Is Your Love – Paper Cut Eye CD 4€
Frivolvol - Frivolous, vol.2: The False Security Program CD 2€
Frivolvol – Who Needs Maps When We Got Time CD 2€
Frivolvol – Who Needs Maps When We Got Time LP 4€
Fun - Szklarska Poreba CD 4€
Fun – New 13 CD 5€
Fun – Zu-Pa CD 4€
Fun – Zu-Pa LP 5€
Hero Dishonest – Dangerous LP+cd 10€
Hero Dishonest – Juggernaaut/Let Your Poison Scream LP 7€
Hero Dishonest – Let Your Poison Scream CD 4€
Hero Dishonest – When the Shit Hits the Man CD 4€
Hero Dishonest – When the Shit Hits the Man LP 7€
Hero Dishonest/ Mukeka Di Rato split CDEP 1€
Radiopuhelimet – Olkaa Hyvä! DVD 10€
Radiopuhelimet – Radiopuhelimet rakastaa sinua CD 7€
Radiopuhelimet – Radiopuhelimet rakastaa sinua LP 10€
Radiopuhelimet – Viisi Tähteä Cd 7€
Red Carpet – The Noise of Red Carpet CD 2€
Sur-Rur – Liikkuu kivipinnoilla asumuksenaan laatikko CD 5€
Sur-Rur – Liikkuu kivipinnoilla asumuksenaan laatikko LP 8€
Valse Triste – Madon luku CD 2€
Varjo – Ensinäytös LP 5€
Viola – Anything Can Stop Us CD 4€
Viola – Melancholydisco CD 4€
Viola – Melancholydisco II CD 4€
Viola – Tearcandy Cd 4€

Radiopuhelimet and Fun to open for NOMEANSNO

- 13.6.2011
Hello folks, this comes a little late, but you all should know that two of the greatest bands in the world, Radiopuhelimet and Fun, will open for one the greatest bands in the world, NOMEANSNO, in Finland this week. Yes, we is much happy and proud.

NOMEANSNO in Finland w/ Radiopuhelimet and Fun:

Tue 14.6. Turku/Klubi w/Radiopuhelimet
Wed 15.6. Tampere/Klubi w/Radiopuhelimet
(Thu 16.6. Kuopio/Henry's Pub)
Fri 17.6. Helsinki/Nosturi w/Fun



New Sur-Rur album out on May 11

- 3.5.2011
Dear friends, we're happy to announce that Finland's finest at turning sloppyness into art and lo-fi recordings into the best of pop music, Sur-Rur, will see its If Society debut on Wednesday May 11th when their 4th album hits the streets.

"Liikkuu kivipinnoilla asumuksenaan laatikko" is Sur-Rur's 4th and definitely the best work so far and we're happy to deliver you the cd of 18 angst driven indie punk explosions. If you're a fan of old 80's and 90's American indie classics -Hüsker Dü, Wipers, Beat Happening and such- then you'll love Sur-Rur.

Pre-order the cd from our shop and have it delivered to your door on May 11.

Also check out these two tracks off the album:
Räjähtävä pää

Sur-Rur_Liikkuu kivipinnoilla

Radiopuhelimet DVD

- 23.2.2011
Hello friends,

the new Radiopuhelimet DVD is out and number #2 on the official music DVD charts! The dvd gets also 5/5 stars in the latest issue of Soundi. Even though this is not an If Society release you can still get the DVD from our webstore.

More news on the upcoming release(s) soon...


New Year (been for a while..!)

- 23.1.2011
Hello friends! We had a busy 2010 in many ways as you can see, no updates for a while.. If Society had 4 great new releases by Radiopuhelimet, Echo Is Your Love, Fun and Hero Dishonest, all finest of the Finnish indie/noiserock/punk scene. Needless to say we're proud for having such great releases all in one year.

Radiopuhelimet hit #11 on the official album charts on its first week and was ranked #2 on the list of best albums of the year in Sue-magazine and #4 in Soundi-magazine (both highly influential Finnish magazines). The band is now taking a break from playing live and concentrating on coming up with new (acoustic??) material and a DVD containing all their music videos ever made + live clips ever since from the 80´s. The band also appears on Soundi-magazine's free promo cd of the most interesting (or best selling..) songs of the year 2010, the cd is due out on January 26.

Echo Is Your Love's "Heart Fake" is now also available in US from Stickfigure Distro. The band is slowly going to start writing new material, hopefully out "soon".

Hero Dishonest toured Finland like hell on the new album in late 2010 and will do a short visit to Germany and Netherlands in late March. Check out Adrenalin Addiction Festival's Myspace for details. A tour in Russia and China in 2011 in the works, too..

Fun just toured Russia on their new album (also available in US from Stickfigure!) and will continue touring Finland in spring 2011 and hopefully some tours outside of Finland coming, too...

We also got some plans for the release front, got a cd coming in April/May by a Finnish band whose name refers to the sound of your mom's secret toy, bbbzzzzz...... More about that later. But they're great and you'll love the record.

Peace and love for 2011!
Keep hugging.
Mikko / If Society

Fun and Hero Dishonest albums on pre-sale now!

- 11.10.2010
Yep, you can order these fine record from our shop our from Levykauppa Äx in Finland (Hero Dishonest and Fun) or from Stupido Shop (Fun).

All orders will be shipped to customers for the release dates. If you order both albums from us you will receive them on October 27 which is the date for the new Hero Dishonest album.


New albums from FUN and HERO DISHONEST

- 27.9.2010
Hello buddies!

After a rather long silence in the news section we've got some sweet rumors to cofirm: new FUN and HERO DISHONEST albums will both be released in October 2010! Fun's 3rd longplay "New 13" hits the stores on October 20th and Hero Dishonest's fifth (!) album only a week later, October 27th.

The Fun album will be a split release between If Society (digipack cd) and the band's own label, Cut Half Records (180 gram vinyl+ download).

Hero Dishonest's album comes out on 180 gram vinyl with a free cd + live download, recorded in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2009.

You can already check out a couple tracks off the albums:

Fun : Here Comes The Ugly Man.

Hero Dishonest : Birth, Sports Illustrated, Death.

..and a video to another new Hero Dishonest track: The Biggest Asshole.

Both bands will hit the road together for the record release tour. Preorder stars soon.

Hero Dishonest/Fun

Radiopuhelimet hits the charts!

- 15.4.2010
Whoomp! There it is!

Entering the national album charts at #11 - Radiopuhelimet Rakastaa Sinua!


New songs online!

- 18.3.2010
Radiopuhelimet - Radiopuhelimet rakastaa sinua pressi
Hi! Check out these brand new songs by both Radiopuhelimet and Echo Is Your Love!

Radiopuhelimet : Globaali anaali
Echo Is Your Love : Playlist Song

...and order both records from Levykauppa Äx. Order Radiopuhelimet here and Echo Is Your Love here.

New releases!! New life!! New everything!!!

- 4.3.2010
Hello friends!!

Radiopuhelimet rakastaa sinua

Echo Is Your Love - Heart Fake

First off, thanks to everyone who helped us to get rid of our distro by ordering either just a handful of records or literally boxes full of stuff.. Thanks buddies, thanks for the years, thanks for the orders and thanks for making us feel important.

Next up: NEW RELEASES!! We're proud to have the coolest, oldest, wisest men of North, the mighty RADIOPUHELIMET on our label and it's time for their If Society entry #2 with the new album 'Radiopuhelimet rakastaa sinua'. We'll deal the compact disc format for you while our friends Hot Igloo and Psychedelica Records deliver you the vinyl. Remember that the previous record, 'Viisi Tähteä', hit the official album chart at #11 on its first week in 2007! We can't do worse than that but we need your help.

The release date for this riff monster is 7th of April but you can already preorder both formats from Levykauppa Äx! All preorders are shipped to your door on April 7th with a FREE A3-poster and button!!!


La 20.3 Jyväskylä Lutakko/Jyrock-ennakkoklubi
To 8.4 Oulu 45special + Levykauppa Äx
Pe 9.4 Raahe Rytmikellari
To 15.4 Turku TVO
Pe 16.4 Turku Levykauppa Äx
Pe 16.4 Hämeenlinna Suisto
La 17.4 Tampere Vastavirta + Echo Is Your Love
To 22.4 Helsinki Tavastia
Pe 23.4 Helsinki Levykauppa Äx
La 7.5 Kuopio Henry's
Pe 14.5 Loimaa Bar Edgar

A week later we'll be happy to finally release the most anticipated record in the history of last 4 years: the new ECHO IS YOUR LOVE album titled 'Heart Fake'. Almost 2.5 years in the make these 10 new songs are probably the best thing to happen in the Finnish indie/pop/punk/whatever. Prove our vows right by listening to free mp3s that will be up for your ears SOON.


16.4. Jyväskylä - Jyrock
17.4. Tampere - Vastavirta + Radiopuhelimet
23.4. Helsinki - Oranssi + Downstairs, Kometa (all ages!)
30.4. Helsinki - Belly

..That's all for now. Mp3s and Echo Is Your Love preorder coming up soon!.


Beyond crazy record sale

- 21.12.2009
Hey buddies.

It's come to this: we're putting an end to our record pushin' business.

The label side will continue on the same level it's been at for a few years, meaning 1 or 2 very select releases each year, but the shop we're getting rid of completely starting from January 2010. After that we'll keep this online storefront only to sell our back catalogue and band merch etc.

I'll go deeper into this decision in a blog post in the near future, but from our point of view it's about time.

BUT the cool thing about ends like this is always the inevitable SUPER CRAZY CLEARANCE SALE!!!

Here's what's up - discounts on ALL items in our selection:
2.1. -10%
5.1. -15%
7.1. -20%
8.1. -25%
9.1. -30%
12.1. -40%
13.1. -50%
14.1. -60%
15.1. -70%
16.1. -80%

These discounts will be available both from the online store and Pitkämies. Go on and testify at the Beyond Crazy Record Sale at Pitkämies event in Facebook.

Vote for Viola

- 3.7.2009
Hey all!

You can vote for Viola's new carefree summer anthem Shimmery Summery (Sha-La-La Love) in the Radio Helsinki summer hit 2009 finals.

Varjo - Ensinäytös 1997 lp

- 17.3.2009
Varjo - Ensinäytös 1997With love and pride, we're happy to announce that we'll be releasing some gems from the vaults of Varjo, the band of our dear departed friend Henkka Walden that played it's farewell show this January.

The album will be in the only format that does the material justice: a vinyl lp.

Ensinäytös 1997 will consist of 3 tracks from Varjo's Ensinäytös 7", 3 other tracks originally from the same promo, 3 tracks from ancient Varjo c-cassette demos and a live track from way back in the day.

The pressing will be numbered and the first 100 items will contain a promo-picture and a poster from the same era.

We're releasing this lp together with our cool buddies at Shitsuck Tapes!

You can preorder the lp from our online store.

Viola is FREE

- 19.2.2009
From Viola:

From now on everything we do will be free.
Everything we've made in the past is free as well.

Starting April 1st 2009, we'll be releasing 1 song each and every month on this site. At midnight on the 1st of the month. They'll all be in digital format only and completely free.

Please use the player on the right side of the page to stream our old stuff, or explore the albums to download either .zip-packages of entire albums or individual songs (click "Show tracks" from a given album).

That's it. We hope fans of physical records are not too disappointed. Those things just weren't making any more sense.

This way all the walls between us and you are down. No more waiting around. No more "promo period" or having to deal with distribution. Straight from our hearts to yours.

Viola Music Club

All remaining Viola-records will be sold at throw-away prices:
Viola @ If Society shop

Free Record Shop

- 2.2.2009
Did you ever go to the chain store Free Record Shop and wonder why they didn't actually have any single free item? Yeah, me too.

Well, we're here to rectify that as for the duration of February Ifsociety.com and Pitkämies will be a true FREE RECORD SHOP!

Ok, obviously there's a catch involved.

The trick is that if you buy _anything_ for 20 euros from our webstore or for 30 euros from Pitkämies, you'll get to pick a free record from this list:

So, here's your chance to fill those holes in your If Society -collection!!!

Also, there'll be free Viola-records available at the Viola + hannulelauri show this Thursday (Feb. 5th) at Kuudes Linja in Helsinki! The price for tickets is a crazy cheap 3 euros AND that insanely cheap price also includes a free Viola record of choice! WOW!!!

New Jolly Jumpers video in Youtube

- 16.1.2009
Jolly Jumpers - I Feel Power videoThere's a new Jolly Jumpers-video on YouTube:

Jolly Jumpers - I Feel Power video


- 5.1.2009
This is a bit late, since at least a third of the selection has gone already, but we've got a huge sale for the duration of January (or until we run out of stock on sale items). All the records in the sale had their prices cut for 25%-50%, so there's some quality stuff selling for really cheap now.

Check out what's on sale and make your purchases before someone else get the records you're after!

Top 100 of 2008!

- 5.1.2009
Check out what's been selling well in our shop in the last year!
Top 100 of 2008

Melancholydisco 2 available NOW!

- 17.12.2008
Viola's new offering Melancholydisco 2 is now available in physical format at Pitkämies! That's Kolmas Linja 17, Helsinki, y'all!

All preorders have also already been sent and if you order by Monday morning, we'll have the record delivered by Christmas (inside Finland). Unless the post dudes screw it up!

Pitkämies Christmas opening hours

- 17.12.2008
Hey people!

Exceptionally Pitkämies will be open on sunday and monday before Christmas.

sunday 21.12: open from 12-18
monday 22.12: open from 12-19

Opening days for the rest are as follows
wednesday 24.12: closed
thursday 25.12: closed
friday 26.12: closed
saturday 27.12: open 10-16
sunday 28.12: closed
monday 29.12: closed
tuesday 30.12: open 11-19
wednesday 31.12: open 11-16
thursday 1.1: closed
friday 2.1: open 11 - 19

Viola - Melancholydisco 2 - NEW SONG ONLINE!

- 3.12.2008
Viola - Melancholydisco 2Oyeeee!

Viola's new album Melancholydisco 2 is finally mixed, mastered and completely DONE.

It will be sent to the pressing plant tomorrow.

Here's a smokin' hot track off the album:

This means that we should be able to provide all people who preorder the darn thing with some extra filling for their Christmas stocking. We should get them on the 19th by the latest, so all preorders should make it to the mail by Monday the 22nd, meaning at least Finns, who've ordered it will get theirs by Christmas.

Obviously the record will also be available in Pitkämies the second we'll get our paws on 'em.

Here's the tracklist:

Desibeli.net interview, pt. 2 online!

- 1.12.2008

Part 2 of the interview with me and Janne from Verdura on Desibeli.net is online now.

Go ahead and read it (sorry, only in Finnish).

If you missed it, check out the first part of the interview first.


Interview at Desibeli.net

- 19.11.2008

Me, myself, meitsi meikäläinen and Janne M. from the almighty Verdura were interviewed for Desibeli.net.

Go ahead and read the interview (sorry, only in Finnish).


Black Audio - Live at Torvi 10" OUT NOW!!!

- 9.11.2008
Black Audio - Live at TorviGoollyyy that rock n' roll!

We're proud to announce the probably most rocking and surely most rollin' release we've ever done: Black Audio - Live at Torvi!

Here's how Black Audio describes the release on their site:
Holy Shit!!! The greatest rock record of all time is here. Black Audio recorded alive and on stage of the extra-super-MEGATÖTTÖRÖÖ legendary Torvi Bar! The audience of 16 paying customers goes wild. The band of 5 members goes wilder. The limited edition 10-inch vinyl only release goes THE WILDEST! FREEDOM ROCK! COOLIO SHIT! PLINKO PLOINKO THUMPA THUMP! PUNK ROCK BOOGIE WITH SOME TIRRA RESTAURANT MIDNIGHT DENIM ATTITUDE!

So everybody, I said EVERYBODY, do whatever it takes to get this hard to get special musical item RIGHT NOW! It features the following masterpieces of modern free rocking:

Side A
1. Ghost Rider
2. Short Circuit
3. Kalashnikov

Side B
1. Evil Wheels
2. Lissu's Cigarette
3. Ball Lightning
Damn straight!

The record is available ONLY from these specially selected locations:

Ifsociety.com = THIS SITE
Bar Torvi (Lahti)
Pitkamies (Helsinki)
8raita (Turku)
Aikakone (Tampere)

This release is done together with MUSAPOJAT

It's ON at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki - Thursday Nov. 13th 2008.

On stage PLAYIN' ROCK:
Black Audio
Janne Westerlund (from Plain Ride, Circle, Sweetheard, Itäväylä, Chainsmoker, Pharaoh Overlord and most other best bands in the world!)

Pitkämies featured in Metro magazine

- 29.10.2008
Pitkämies at Metro magazinePitkämies was featured quite visibly in last Friday's issue of Metro.

front page
Inner page 1
Inner page 2

Records weren't too prominent in the article, but it was cool to get some media attention to the store which we feel is quite amazing and unique in Helsinki.

Paratiisin Pojat (J.Karjalainen + Veli-Matti Järvenpää) and Jolly Jumpers duo are playing there on Saturday (Nov. 1st) starting 2:30pm, so if you haven't checked the place out yet, here's a good chance!

The place is still at Kolmas Linja 17 in Helsinki.

Fantom Zone pre-listen available NOW!

- 24.9.2008
Check out www.myspace.com/jollyjumpers NOW!

You can listen to the entire new Fantom Zone -album there for free.

You can preorder both physical formats of the album from these links for a price that kinda feels like they're free:
Fantom Zone cd
Fantom Zone lp

Jolly Jumpers - Fantom Zone lp

- 19.9.2008
Jolly Jumpers - Fantom ZoneOyyyyyyy!!!

Here's a piece of news we're suppaduppa psyched about: On October 1st, we'll be puttin' out the all-new Jolly Jumpers lp, called Fantom Zone. It's every bit as great as you'd expect a Jolly Jumpers record to be. So like 6 stars and 11 points outta 10.

Preorder the album on cd or lp right here in our shop:
Fantom Zone cd
Fantom Zone lp

The people at Tug Records were kind enough to licence the album out for us to put on vinyl.

You can hear some songs off the album at the Jolly Jumpers MySpace for a week before the album is released, so check 'em out.


- 16.7.2008
Hey all.

We had to nudge our postages up a bit again to accommodate raised postage prices for the Finnish postal service. Actually we've been taking the 2007 rate for some 7 months now, so about time we acted on this.

The good news is: NO MORE POSTAGES FOR BIG ORDERS! That's right! If the subtotal for records exceeds 50 euros (Fin), 100 euros (Eur) or 150 euros (rest of world), your order is shipped FREE OF CHARGE!!! Cool, eh?!

S to the A to the L to the E = SALE!!!

- 12.7.2008
Hey y'all!

We're clearing stuff out! Make the best of our generosity! Offers valid until the end of August or while stocks last!

You can grab this stuff from the IF SOCIETY SALE! -section of our online store right now or starting Tuesday from Pitkämies (Kolmas Linja 17, Kallio, Helsinki).

Here's the price list:
BLACK AUDIO : Iron Rhino cd 5€
BOYS OF SCANDINAVIA : Kill the Party cd 5€
ECHO IS YOUR LOVE : 8 Hours cd 5€
ECHO IS YOUR LOVE : Lion Tamer vs Tigers cds/cdep 4€
ECHO IS YOUR LOVE : Paper Cut Eye cd 5€
FRIVOLVOL : Frivolous, vol.2: The False Security Program cd 5€
FRIVOLVOL : Who Needs Maps When We Got Time? cd 10€
FRIVOLVOL : Who Needs Maps When We Got Time? lp 10€
FUN : Szklarska Poreba lp cd 5€
FUN : Zu-Pa! cd 8€
FUN : Zu-Pa! lp 8€
HERO DISHONEST : Juggernaut / Let Your Poison Scream lp 5€
HERO DISHONEST : Let Your Poison Scream cd 5€
HERO DISHONEST : Pleasure / Disgust cd 5€
HERO DISHONEST : When The Shit Hits The Man cd 8€
HERO DISHONEST : When The Shit Hits The Man lp 8€
NINETYNINE : Worlds of Population, Worlds of Space, Worlds of Robots cd 5€
RADIOPUHELIMET : Viisi tähteä cd 8€
RADIOPUHELIMET : Viisi tähteä lp 8€
RED CARPET : The Noise of Red Carpet cd 5€
SINIAALTO : s/t cd 5€
SINIAALTO : Tallentumia cd 5€
SISSY SPACEK : A Telegram Before Departure cd 1€
VALSE TRISTE : Madon luku cd 5€
VIOLA : Anything Can Stop Us cd 5€
VIOLA : Melancholydisco cd 3€
VIOLA : Tearcandy cd 5€
VIOLA : Wonderabilia cd 8€

Blog Jammin'

- 7.7.2008
Yo peeps.

We're bloggin' now. We're hip to what's happening.

Check it out, yo.

If Society -blog

New shop in town!

- 19.5.2008

There's a new shop in town and it's called PITKÄMIES! That's right, we've finally got a concrete brick n' mortar outlet for our lovingly picked selection of cool new stuff + time-tested classics. To top it all off, the shop also features an equally impressive collection of comics that should cater to even the most demanding comic-afficionado. Some coooool Polkka Jam -clothes are also available, so do head over to Kallio (Helsinki) to check the place out for yourself!

The address is Kolmas Linja 17 (in the block between Om'pu and Sirdie..) and the place is open like this:

TUE-FRI 11-19
SAT 10-16
SUN + MON closed

Basically we're aiming to keep around 90% of our inventory available at the shop, so most of the time if something is in our online shop, it'll also be at the store. However if you really really really need to make sure that a certain item exists at the shop, drop us a line at info@ifsociety.com and we'll make sure you get what you want.

This also means we'll be able to expand our selection somewhat, so keep checkin' for updates for new rekkids frequently. You can also subscribe to our shop's rss-feed to stay on track with what's new and hip via your favorite aggregator software.

See you at the shop!!!

Echo Is Your Love on the charts

- 6.5.2008
Echo Is Your Love's new ep Lion Tamer vs. Tigers is #11 in the Finnish national charts this week... Hoo-raah!

Documentary on Jyrki Raatikainen

- 27.4.2008
Kids! Time to learn about life.

Go watch this documentary on the one and only Jyrki Raatikainen, drummer of ROCK GODS Radiopuhelimet here:

Directed by Mikko Juntunen.
Sorry foreigners, only in Finnish, although there are plenty of cute guys to check out on the visual side.

Frivolvol vinyl out NOW!

- 29.3.2008
Frivolvol - Who Needs Maps When We Got Time?Frivolvol's Who Needs Maps When We Got Time is out now on vinyl!

Get it here!

ECHO IS YOUR LOVE - 10 years + new ep

- 17.3.2008

It may seems weird, but Echo Is Your Love has just turned 10 this past winter. I'd say "how time flies", but that would just not do it justice...

Anyways, an occation such as this demands some celebratory activities!

#1 is that EIYL will release some new music for the first time since their fourth longplay, 2006's Humansize, with a brand new ep due out April 23rd 2008 titled Lion Tamer vs. Tigers. The ep will feature two tracks that'll be included on EIYL's fifth longplay due out late this year, one totally exclusive track, one rerecorded track from a 1999 split 7" with Electroscope and one remix (by goth-disco-stompers Boys of Scandinavia!).

Here's a preview-mp3 of the ep's title track, check it out:
Lion Tamer versus Tigers

#2 is the Echo Is Your Love 10-year b-day bash at Semifinal on Saturday, April 26th. Mark yer calendars, y'all! All three EIYL-lineups will be on stage playing a lot of stuff that hasn't been heard live for years + some special guests that have touched upon the history of EIYL. See you THERE!!!

FRIVOLVOL - Who Needs Maps When We Got Time? - cd / lp out next week!

- 13.2.2008
Frivolvol - Who Needs Maps When We Got Time?Yo!

The scorching hot new Frivolvol longplay will finally be out next week in Finland and about a month from now elsewhere (more info on this later)! Although as always, the vinyl version will be a tad bit late, but that'll be also available latest in early March.

But anyway, Who Needs Maps When We Got Time? is just amazing. Far more melodic and song-oriented than the Frivolvol of the past, so all you mathcore-maniacs out there might have to get a bit adjusted, but I'm sure the rest of us will just love the all new Frivolvol straight of the bat!

You can start preordering the album right away from our shop so you can be sure to get the album as it comes out! Cool, eh?!

Here are two songs to get you fired up:
Out Come The Knives
Take It From The Beginning

Sheets Of Blank Fucking Paper - free download!

- 12.2.2008
Echo Is Your Love - Sheets of Blank Fucking PaperTo start celebrating Echo Is Your Love's 10-year jubilee fiesta, go to Last.fm's Echo Is Your Love -page to download your free copy of the first Echo Is Your Love longplay Sheets Of Blank Fucking Paper! Don't expect too much from it as it's crap, but hey! It's free, so the price is right!

Hopefully we'll be able to provide the rest of the EIYL-back catalogue soon as well!

Postages to be raised a bit

- 19.11.2007
Hey gang!

The Finnish postal service just announced that their fees for packages and heavier letters will be raised about 7% starting Jan. 1st 2008, so obviously we'll have to up our postages a bit too. Make sure you order a lot while the 2007 prices are still valid!


Nerdy trouble alert!

- 12.11.2007

We had some issues with our internets systems this weekend. For some reason our hosting company had not renewed our DNS registration though they should and it expired on Saturday afternoon.

This means our website turned into this really cool "would you like to buy this domain" -thingy for some 12-24 hours and emails may or may not have found their way through.

So if you tried to access our site / shop during the weekend, but was unable, we're really sorry and if you tried to contact us by email during the weekend, please send your communiqué again.

Sorry for the trouble. The DNS registration is now done until 2016, so hopefully we won't have to post this same piece of news again!

Tommi / If Society

Death of a band called Red Carpet

- 12.11.2007
Sad news this time!

RED CARPET decided that it's time to call it quits. After two long plays and a whole bunch of shows worth of enriching all our lives, these Helsinki-popsters reached the end of their path.

Luckily there's still one more chance to see them live as they're playing Dubrovnik in Helsinki on the 28th of November and they're also releasing a three-song cdr-single that will be given to all people attending the show. Two of the three tracks (the lead track of the single "Death of a Band" + Viola-cover "Sad Eyed Disco Dancers") can already be listened to at the Red Carpet MySpace, so go there and see you at the show!!!

Red Carpet MySpace

New Frivolvol-track on MySpace

- 31.10.2007
Wow!!! Frivolvol's getting ready for their next album - more on this later! In the meantime, go check out an unmastered new track Out Come the Knives on MySpace at the Frivolvol MySpace profile.

God damn, my man... Even though it may be hard to comprehend, but the rest of the new stuff is just as amazing. If not even more so!

Classic Finnish indie on Youtube

- 11.7.2007
Hey people!

This is not If Society related, but as I feel we're very much a part of the continuum of Finnish indie, we need to respect our roots, so I feel obliged to tell you to go check this out:

Behind that link you'll find some really nice live footage from live performances by some of the most quintessential Finnish indie / punk / metal bands of all time, including Circle, Mana Mana, Deep Turtle, Keuhkot, CMX, YUP, Huggin' Wayne etc. The quality is what it is, but they're a very nice glimpse to what in hindsight really seems like a golden age for this kind of music!

The videos are from a VHS compilation called Arctic Fury that Kari Heikonen of Bad Vugum found somewhere in his archives. We've been unable to find out who the person behind this comp is. All we know he worked under the pseudonym "ElectroNick". Let us know if you know who this cat is, so we can credit him accordingly.

Tommi / If Society


- 1.7.2007

We just lowered the price of many of our slower moving items, so check out our bargain bin to find some great records for a great price! All prices on these records are reduced at least 50% from their previous price!

More nerd stuff (RSS-feeds)

- 29.6.2007
Oi geek indie lovers!

We've made followind additions to our selection a bit easier for y'all by adding an RSS-feed to our shop and news! The feeds includes 10 latest additions to our shop / news and they can be found at

Your RSS-capable browser (like Firefox) should also let you know about this with an RSS-icon on the right side of your browser's address bar.

Don't know what RSS-feeds are? No prob! It sounds more cryptic and nerdy than it actually is (the first two letters stand for Really Simple anyways)! It's just a method of bringing content to users more efficiently and enables users to better follow the content they choose. Web 2.0 y'all! Using feeds you can customize views with aggregators by selecting the feeds YOU want to follow. Aggregators are pieces of software that (among other things) give you a general view of what you want to see. There are tons of different software out there that make use of feeds, but one particularly cool one is called Netvibes. It gives you a really cool way of seeing the WWW, your way.

Here are some links that might or might not give you a better perspective on the subject:
RSS on Wikipedia
Web feeds on Wikipedia

If Society -feed on Netvibes

Video player + Radiopuhelimet -videos

- 7.6.2007
Hey kiddies!

We've got a brand new videoplayer and to celebrate the launch we've got two videos by Radiopuhelimet uploaded: Viisi tähteä and Moottoriperse!

Click here to open the player!

Stickers an' posters

- 24.5.2007
Hey kiddies! Lookin' for something cooooool to put on yer bedroom wall or on the cover of yer diary. Well, we've got just the thing for you: Check our shop for some posters and stickers!

FUN "Zu-Pa!" vinyl out NOW!

- 3.5.2007
Yes, you read it right, Zu-Pa! LP is available RIGHT NOW!

Just go to our shop to do some Fun-shoppin'!

Fun : Zu-Pa cd available for pre-order!

- 19.4.2007
Fun's new album "Zu-Pa!" will be out on April 23rd! You can pre-order the cd from the IF SOCIETY -SUPERSTORE!

The vinyl comes out in next couple weeks, there's been a delay at the pressing plant but things should be rolling now. We'll keep you vinyl geeks updated!

Viola - Wonderabilia available for pre-order!

- 28.3.2007
Viola's new album Wonderabilia will be out on April 4th on Jupiter!

Check out a track off the album here:
Since Forever Now

You can pre-order the album from these wonderful shops:
Levykauppa X

New Viola-shirts available from our shop next week!

Radiopuhelimet #11

- 10.3.2007

Radiopuhelimet are #11 on the Finnish album chart this week!

Radiopuhelimet mp3 up now!

- 12.2.2007
Oh yeaaaaa!

Check out this steamin' song from the upcoming Radiopuhelimet-album due out on Feb.28th!

Radiopuhelimet - Musta lakana

The album is available for preorder at these shops:
Levykauppa X

The Finnish music monthly SUE already had its say about the album giving it a rather nice 10 out of 10! Not bad...

Fun to support NoMeansNo

- 25.1.2007
Could these two be the two dumbest groups of three ever? You decide!Olé! FUN is billed to support the best thing to come out of Canada since Mario Lemieux, NoMeansNo, on their 4 show Finnish tour this April! These will be night that fans of power-trios (like Placebo, Police or Peer Günt...) will never forget!

17.4. Klubi, Turku
18.4. Klubi, Tampere
19.4. Lutakko, Jyväskylä (+ Au Pair)
20.4. Nosturi, Helsinki (+ Kometa)

Tickets are on sale now at Tiketti for the Helsinki-show.

Radiopuhelimet - Viisi tähteä

- 16.1.2007
RadiopuhelimetOne of Finland's most legendary and enduring non-mainstream rock n' roll bands RADIOPUHELIMET has just finished work on their 11th album Viisi tähteä and it will be released by...

So mark February 28th on yer calendars as on that day its time to rush to your local record store fresh and early in the morning.

RadiopuhelimetThe record will also be available on vinyl as we're licencing it out to our friends at Sweetcore, Kissankusi, Popo's Bistro and Likainen Avaruus. The vinyl version will be released on the same day as the cd.

Some pre-listening in mp3 format to be uploaded soon...

You can already pre-order the record from Levykauppa Äx in Finland!

Here's the tracklist:
1. KOTIIN! (säv. Katz, san. J.A. Mäki) 2.32
2. VIISI TÄHTEÄ (säv. J. Mällinen & J.A. Mäki, san. J.A. Mäki) 4.18
3. KOSMOS KIIHDYTTÄÄ (säv. J. Mällinen & J.A. Mäki, san. J.A. Mäki) 4.35
4. HULLUMAGNEETTI (säv. J. Mällinen, san. J.A. Mäki) 2.52
5. JOSKUS OLEN LEIVONNAINEN (säv. & san. J. Mällinen) 2.04
6. RAJOJA (säv. J. Mällinen, san. J.A. Mäki) 3.48
7. LOPUTON KESÄ (säv. & san. J. Mällinen) 2.51
8. NIMETÖN PÄIVÄ (säv. J. Mällinen & J.A. Mäki, san. J.A. Mäki) 5.16
9. KAMENNOGORSK (säv. J. Mällinen, san. J.A. Mäki) 4.51
10. MUSTA LAKANA (säv. J. Mällinen, san. J.A. Mäki) 2.41
11. TÄHTI JA METSÄROSVO (säv. J. Mällinen & J.A. Mäki, san. J. Mällinen)5.20
12. MOOTTORIPERSE (säv. J. Mällinen, san. J.A. Mäki) 0.31

Save money, BUY NOW!

- 30.11.2006
Ever had that feeling that you just HAVE TO HAVE all our releases, but you just can't cough up the big bucks needed to get them?

Well then this piece of news is for YOU!

We've lowered the prices of some of our older releases rather radically. Just in time for the Christmas shoppin' frenzy!

Check the selection and prices here!

Oh, and the oh-so-sweet Viola Christmas-7" is making a comeback for the time of the season. Not sold after Christmas eve again, so get yours now!

Hero Dishonest vinyl out now!

- 29.11.2006
Hero Dishonest - When the Shit Hits the ManThe vinyl version of the new Hero Dishonest album - When the Shit Hits the Man - is available now in our store!

Don't forget that Hero Dishonest is hitting the Finnish highways this week for two weeks. The world's sweatiest chips n' beer caravan has these stops in their schedule:

When The Shit Hits Finland Tour - Southern Leg
30.11. - Turku - TVO w/ Kieltolaki - IKÄRAJATON, soitto alkaa 20.00!
01.12. - Jyväskylä - Lutakko w/ Deathbed & Deadsunrise
02.12. - Pori - Baarikaappi w/ Diskonto

When The Shit Hits Finland Tour - Northern Leg w/ No Shame & Life Giving Waters
05.12. - Tampere - Vastavirta Klubi
06.12. - Rovaniemi - Toriskeida
07.12. - Oulu - Park 57
08.12. - Luleå (SWE) - Gennys
09.12. - Kajaani - Tanssiravintola Liinakko

When The Shit Hits Finland Tour - Eastern Leg w/ Abduktio
13.12. - Helsinki - Semifinaali
14.12. - Joensuu - Teatteriravintola w/ Deadsunrise
15.12. - Lappeenranta - Husaari w/ Deadsunrise
16.12. - Kouvola - Rytmikatti w/ Våld & Deadsunrise (NO Abduktio)

Hero Dishonest - When the Shit Hits the Man

- 25.10.2006
Hero Dishonest - When the Shit Hits the ManThe new Hero Dishonest -record is available NOW on cd and on vinyl in November!

VENE - free downloads + record release show

- 10.10.2006

You can download VENE's entire first cdr starting now right there --> Vene-Hakanisti

What you get is a .zip-package with all the songs in mp3-format + .jpg-images of the front and back cover. Cool, eh?

Also, if you're in the Oulu-region, please do check out the record release party at Park57 this saturday!


- 4.10.2006

Geeeeezzzuss! We're pulling out all the stops to please you kiddies just the right way now! 3 records from 3 hot acts ain't too bad, eh?

Ninetynine - Worlds of Population, Worlds of Space, Worlds of RobotsFirst up: NINETYNINE
These Australian sweethearts have broken our hearts and shaked our Finnish booties three times before, Provinssirock 2000 being probably the most memorable occasion. Their unique brand of vibraphones/cheap casios -indiepop is deep as the Pacific Ocean, clever like a cat and swings like a pendulum. Sleater Kinney founding member and Ninetynine mainwoman Laura Macfarlane sings with a velvety voice while the rest - led by madman drummer Cameron Potts also know from the band Baseball - churn out some of the most innovative indiepop-tunes available today. Ninetynine's new album 'Worlds of Population, Worlds of Space, Worlds of Robots' is released in Finland by us and it's available NOW! Also, DO NOT DARE TO MISS Ninetynine's Finnish tour next week:

Fri Oct 13th Tampere, VV-klubi
Sat, Oct 14th Helsinki, Semifinal
Sun, Oct 15th Turku, TVO

It's going to get WILD!

Receiving the Sounds of Science Fiction


Vene - Pimeä puoliNumber two: VENE
These pups are fresh out of the doggie pound. Hardly even out of their teens, they're already blasting out some of the meanest Radiopuhelimet meets Jesus Lizard -tunes out there. We're releasing their first proper cd 'Pimeä puoli' in cahoots with some of the finest labels in Finland (Zerga, Verdura & S.U.P.O.) so even if you haven't heard the band before, it's probably safe to say that you should be able to trust a release that bears the mark of approval from these four labels, right? Regardless of this, VENE will rock you to death, baby!

The cd (15 tunes in just over 21 minutes!) is also cheap as hell (8 euros!), so you have NO EXCUSE not to buy it as it's available NOW!

Desert Strike


Valse Triste - Madon lukuLast but not least: VALSE TRISTE
Agricore from Periferia! This band has been a dear favorite in the If Society headquarters since day 1. No other hardcore / punk band in Finland EVER comes even close to what these cats have to offer. This stuff good ol' Finnish insanity and frustration put to music and polished off with an axe, so if you like it ruff, you've got it ruff. This ain't no picnic, honey!

Valse Triste's 'Madon luku' is also available NOW! Valse Triste will join Ninetynine and Echo Is Your Love at VV-Klubi in Tampere next Friday (Oct 13th) so Tampere-people, I'll see you there!

Oikeaoppiset Vääristymät

NINETYNINE (Australia) tour in Finland + new record!

- 18.8.2006

I know I'm not the only one who's been pretty much holding his breath since their last visit to hear this, but Australian indie-electronica-pop masters NINETYNINE are coming back to Finland to rock the house and make us smile and dance as they've done 3 times before (like the unforgettable Provinssirock 2000!) It's all good and you know it!

If that's not enough, we're super proud to announce that we'll be releasing their new record titled "Worlds of Population, Worlds of Space, Worlds of Robots" here in Finland on the 4th of October! The record is Ninetynine's fifth and after listening to it for one day now, I can safely say that my fears of their previous album - The Process - being too perfect to top were in vain, as this new album is like all their previous albums: everything you wanted and just a little bit better than the previous one.

Anyway, here are the dates:
Fri Oct 13th Tampere, Vastavirta (/w Echo Is Your Love
Sat Oct 14th Helsinki, Semifinal (/w Gris)
Sun Oct 15th Turku, TVO (/w Echo Is Your Love)

See you there!


- 27.7.2006
Oh yeeeeeeaaaah! It's been a long time coming, but we're finally proud to present our new online hypermarket!

It's the same ol' records as before, but in a totally new system with shopping carts, postage calculators and all, so shopping is easier and simpler for you consumers out there so that probably makes the final experience of actually listening to the records a whole lot better, eh?!


(Please report all weird behaviour, bugs and suggestions to info@ifsociety.com)

Shop updates

- 21.7.2006
Lots o' new records in the shop! Especially in the vinyl department!

New Verneri Lumi website

- 6.7.2006
Verneri Lumi finally has a proper website of his own!

Go check it out:

Echo Is Your Love vinyl / t-shirt

- 28.6.2006
Hojo hojo!

Echo Is Your Love T-shirts available now in our shop.

Echo Is Your Love Humansize vinyl-version available now in our shop and now at Combat Rock.

Buy them now!

New Hero Dishonest -website opened

- 26.6.2006
Hero Dishonest opened their new website today. Check it out:

Echo Is Your Love - Humansize

- 3.4.2006
Echo Is Your Love - HumansizeWe're proud to announce that Echo Is Your Love's fourth long play 'Humansize' will be released a month from now, May 3rd.

Check out two songs from the album right here, right now:
Peace song
Step in step aside


- 22.2.2006
Myymälä2Hello all!

We've taken our first steps into taking our business out of dimly lit rock clubs and the information superhighway as starting today, you can go shop shop shop for (some of) our coooool rekkids at Myymälä2 in downtown Helsinki. Displayed will be - in addition to most of our own releases naturally - the cream of the crop of finnish indie + some interesting international stuff as well. The shop also sells some rather nifty clothing and such and features really cool exhibitions by young and interesting artists. Pay that place a visit and buy a record or two. It's for a good cause: our new office-jacuzzi!

The address is Uudenmaankatu 23 (that's between Frederikinkatu and Annankatu) or if you'd like to check the place out online first, go to www.myymala2.com!

Black Audio - Iron Rhino OUT NOW!

- 10.1.2006
Black Audio - Iron RhinoUuuuuuhhh! AaAAaaAAAaah!

The rhino is LOOSE!

Geddit from our shop!

Available from reasonable retailers by friday.

Shop updated

- 4.1.2006
Believe it or not, the shop - at least the cd part of it - has been thoroughly updated! Now everything we have should be on display AND what is on display, we actually have! How cool is that?!

Funkiest additions: EKTRO releases and a bunch of restocks & new items from across the Atlantic!

Echo Is Your Love: 8 Hours -reissue OUT NOW!

- 28.12.2005
Echo Is Your Love - 8 HoursMany of you have been bugging us for a while now to reissue the long sold out 2nd Echo Is Your Love longplay and due to financial issues and the fact that we can sometimes be a bunch of lazy bastards we haven't gotten around to it yet.

The new edition is exactly the same as the first one. No remastering, no repackaging, no added synths or autotune. You wanted EIYL circa 2002, you've got EIYL circa 2002.

Out NOW!

Frivolvol video online!

- 15.12.2005
Check out this cool animated video from Frivolvol, made by digital artist extraordinaire, Heikki Sillanpää. Check out his portfolio here.

FRIVOLVOL: The False Security Program

Black Audio at the video store!

- 14.12.2005
Black Audio - Iron Rhino
Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out!

It's hot! It's daaaaaamn hot!

Black Audio: VIDEO STORE

Shop crap

- 12.12.2005
You may have noticed that a lot of items in our shop are sold out at the moment. We've released so much stuff this fall that we've been really heavily tied financially so restocks have been few and far between. However, that is about to change as we've sold all the rights to the Abnormi and Surf Sonics 7"'s to SonyBMG and we're swimming in money with the revenue that made us.

Seriously, though. Hopefully nobody is dumb enough to believe that.

The truth is that we have made a few sizeable orders through our "connections" and we expect to be able to deliver the product soonish. We'll hook you up, babe. New stuff, old stuff, lots of it. Just good records, nothing more.

"I'm your mama, I'm your daddy, I'm that nigga in the alley, I'm your doctor when in need, want some coke? have some weed, you know me, I'm your friend, your main boy, thick and thin.

I'm your Pusherman"

Viola & Boys of Scandinavia - OUT NOW!

- 23.11.2005
Boys of Scandinavia - Kill the PartyViola - Anything Can Stop UsA'aight!

The Viola and Boys of Scandinavia long plays are out right now! Get 'em while they're hot.

Viola ca$hing in!

- 13.11.2005
Viola merch for sale in our shop!

Boys' website open! + sale!

- 9.11.2005
Gabba gabba!
The Boys of Scandinavia have opened up their website. Go there, pronto!


We just moved our records into our new storage space and noticed we have a bit too many copies of some old releases, so we decided to practically give them away:
HERO DISHONEST - Pleasure / Disgust cd -> 5e
SISSY SPACEK - Telegram Before Departure cd-> 2e
THE PROTESTANTS - 'The Tools' / 'Dirty Shame' 7"-> 1e
MOTHER GOOSE - 'Schizo Ladies' / 'Rondo Fennoscandia' 7"-> 1e
ABNORMI - Avunhuuto 7"-> 1e
RED CARPET - 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' / 'Leave a Light On' 7"-> 1e

Get 'em while we still have 'em!

We also found a LOT of assorted distro records that we've had since forever and never sold a single copy, so in the near future we'll be having a box full of free records with us at shows, so come on, dig and see if you find anything useful. They're just wasted space for us.

There's a nice article on Viola in this month's SUE-magazine. Also, the Boyz of Scandi get a whoppin' 9/10 points! A very nice start indeed!

Boys & Verneri comin' out

- 3.11.2005
Boys of Scandinavia - Why Do You Love Me?UUUUH! The thumpin' new Boys of Scandinavia cd-single 'Why Do You Love Me?' was released yesterday to help make the waiting for the longplay due out on November 23rd a bit easier! Geddit at yer local merchant. If he ain't got it, make him order it from Töölön Musiikkitukku!

We've also got some freebies for y'all!

The Boys of Scandinavia treat us all to yet another indie-disco instant classic with this preview-track from 'Kill the Party'.

* Boys of Scandinavia: Beautiful as a Person

Verneri Lumi is finally coming out of the closet to reveal his true self by flying solo so if you've admired his work in Rinneradio, Käki-orkesteri or Kinos, do yourself a favor and check out his amazing mp3-preview from his debut 12"-maxi single due out on the 23rd of November:

* Verneri Lumi: Olive - Round and Bold

New Viola mp3 available

- 17.10.2005
Check out some new Viola-grooves:
* Viola: I Don't Know How To Party

The song is taken from the upcoming Viola longplay 'Anything Can Stop Us' to be released on November 23rd!


- 6.10.2005
By the power vested in us by the holy Gods of Rock, we baptize these records into the congregation of Black Belt Indie:

Boys of Scandinavia: Why Do You Love Me (cd-single) 2.11.2005
Boys of Scandinavia: Kill the Party (cd) 23.11.2005
Viola: Anything Can Stop Us (cd) 23.11.2005

Red Carpet available NOW!

- 24.9.2005
Red Carpet - The Noise of Red CarpetAaa-yeee! The beautiful new RED CARPET long play 'The Noise of Red Carpet' is available now in our shop!

It should be found in all righteous shops around Finland by wednesday and hopefully in Japan in the near future as well, but more info on that later.

The record is distributed in Finland by Töölön Musiikkitukku like all our other records, so if your favorite dealer is not hip enough to carry this product, tell them they can get it there.

Say it loud-io, I'm Black and I'm Audio!

- 19.9.2005

You wouldn't believe the amounts of cocaine snorted, 5-star hotel rooms trashed, expensive cars totalled and 1000 euro bottles of champagne poured down our pants it took (Well, none really. We had some pop-corn and drank a few glasses of COCA-COLA!) to make this possible, but the next BLACK AUDIO record titled 'Iron Rhino' is due on on January 13th, 2006! Which label, you ask? SonyBMG? Universal? Fullsteam? Kissankusi Records? No! On If Society, bebeh!

So if the voice inside yer head is yelling "gimme funky eeee-lectro beats mixed with some karelian redneck country n' blues with pop-hooks aplenty", this shit is for you, good-good-double-good.

"Tähän elpeeseen on Waltsu ihan kuralla!"

Save your money - buy more rekkids!

- 14.9.2005
The price on the following records has just been cut down to an INSANE 10 euros:

Hero Dishonest - Let Your Poison Scream
Fun - Szklarska Poreba
Echo Is Your Love - Paper Cut Eye

Red Carpet - When You Sing

- 1.9.2005
The promised mp3-preview of the new Red Carpet long play due out on September 28th is up for grabs NOW:
'When You Sing'

The radio-only promotional single 'Sigh' / 'My First Goal!' will be sent to radio stations this week so starting next week, keep telling your favorite dj's how much you'd like to hear some groovy Red Carpet -tunes played on the airwaves.

Red Carpet - The Noise of Red Carpet

- 25.8.2005
Red Carpet - The Noise of Red CarpetThe second album by RED CARPET has been officially titled 'The Noise of Red Carpet'. It's still due out on September 28th and it is so thoroughly beautiful that we can't bloody well believe our ears.

Hear for yourself:
'When You Sing'

Frivolvol on the loose

- 23.8.2005
Frivolvol - 'Frivolous vol 2: The False Security ProgramFrivolvol.
Frivolous, vol. 2: The False Security Program CD.

13 attempts to provide an alternative explanation to Fermat's theorem by a sonic method of proof and by brute force of guitars set on 11.

Available NOW in our shop and at your local merchant in a few days.

Whip out your calculators as it's about to get advanced.

Don't trust us, check it out yourself:
'Maybe This Is a Bit Rich, But'
'Repressed Memories of a Tragedy'

31.8. helsinki @ semifinal
2.9. tampere @ jee jee
11.9 tampere @ telakka
15.9 oulu @ lentävälautanen
16.9 rovaniemi @ karhu
17.9 vaasa @ club 25
24.9. lahti @ torvi
31.9 seinäjoki @ bar 15
7.10 salo @ maksim

Hero Dishonest to open for Dinosaur Jr

- 3.8.2005
One of the most eagerly expected shows in a billion years here in the If Society hq - Dinosaur Jr reunion hitting Finland - just got a wee bit more interesting as Hero Dishonest got the opening slot. Not only for the Tavastia-show next wednesday (the 10th), but also for the show at the Mondo in Stockholm the day before!


Viola cut down to half

- 3.8.2005
We're saddened yet hopeful to announce that Viola has been reduced from a quartet to a duo.

Read more info at the Viola website.

Upcoming releases

- 3.8.2005
Plenty of super-cool If Society-releases lined up for the fall!

23.11. IF-32, Viola: cd
23.11. IF-31, Boys of Scandinavia: cd
2.11. IF-30, Boys of Scandinavia: cd-single
28.9. IF-29, Red Carpet: cd
24.8. IF-28, Frivolvol: 'Frivolous vol 2: The False Security Program' cd

You buy, we make money.

Hero Dishonest 12" OUT NOW!

- 9.6.2005
Ho ho ho!
Finally we can offer some fresh Hero Dishonest grooves on vinyl as the 12" that includes both 'Juggernaut' and 'Let Your Poison Scream' (not to mention really cool gatefold-covers!) is available NOW! So start ordering them from our shop!

Frivolvol / Hero Dishonest / Red Carpet / back in business and the business is gooooood

- 2.5.2005
Frivolvol - 'Frivolous vol 2: The False Security ProgramAlllllright, kiddies! We're back from the Echo Is Your Love European tour and we're full of energy like never before! Sorry to those people who ordered records from us during the past few weeks as you may have received service a bit slower than normal from us as pretty much the entire If Society personnel was in that smelly van trekking the highways and byways of our over-privileged continent.

Anyway, we've got releases aplenty to come! First off will be a beautiful addition to our budget 7" series in the form of Red Carpet's gorgeous 'Blood Sweat and Tears' / 'Leave a Light On' 7" due out on May 13th. Fantastic cutesy-poo pop for those who like their melodies and arrangements to be crafted in the highest possible quality. Think Simon & Garfunkel brought to the 21st century, think Belle & Sebastian, think Elliott Smith, think indiepop... Whatever. Red Carpet rules all.

Then the other bun in the oven. People have been pestering us for long playing Hero Dishonest stuff on vinyl for ages and ages, so here's our answer: Juggernaut and Let Your Poison Scream on one 12"! That's right! Two for the price of one and in a cooler format! Featuring amazing gatesleeves with brand new graphics to make sure people think it's new stuff so we can make an easy buck or two! We're just that greedy! Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package! Oh the sickening greed.

The our summer-mega-hit! Corkscrewcore weirdos extraordinaire (yet slow drivers and bad mechanics) Frivolvol have completed their new longplay artistically titled 'Frivolous vol 2: The False Security Program'. The name probably has you scratching your forehead already but wait 'til you hear the music. It'll have you reaching for yer pocket calculators like Kraftwerk, but for entirely different reasons: You just need some electronic help to decipher the twists and turns on this baby. Not recommended unless you have a Ph.D. in maths.

Seriously, though, these guys do rock and the material on this new album takes their music forward by leaps and bounds so if you liked the first one, you'll probably wear this cd out in a week (more revenue for us) and if you didn't like the previous one, give this one a second chance.

Two songs to check out:
* 'Maybe This Is a Bit Rich, But'
* 'Repressed Memories of a Tragedy'

That's it. Keep on rockin' in the Freebird.

Viola - Melancholydisco - out now!

- 23.3.2005
Viola - MelancholydiscoCalling all sad eyed disco dancers!

Viola's latest is up for grabs now at our shop and from all righteous retailers around Finland, so get yours now.

The cd includes 45 minutes of varied electronic music - 4 songs of brand new Viola material and 6 very interesting remixes and reworks of material from 'Tearcandy' and the split cd with Iconcrash. We also included the beautiful video of 'Violentia' by Ilai Rämä on the cd and we're charging only 8 euros for the whole shebang! We ain't crazy, we're just that nice.

Hear it in action:
Sad Eyed Disco Dancers

Sobriety alert, need cash quick

- 2.3.2005
Yeah, we're running out of cocaine so we desperately need more money right now, geddit?!

So we came up with an easy way to make a lot of it so that we can quit sniffing Eri-Keeper and start using some real stuff again: Selling digital shit.

This means that you can move us (and our artists) to better chemicals by buying our releases from these websites:

Do it now. At least stuff by Viola, Siniaalto, Fun and Hero Dishonest is available. More to come in the future.

Oh yeah, we need money for guns too. Keeping ourselves ahead in the indie-game ain't easy you know and you get a lot further with a gun and a kind word than just a kind word.

Bubba Forsström / If Society

Viola - Melancholydisco

- 15.2.2005

March 23rd will see the release of Viola's 4th release in the span of one year titled 'Melancholydisco'. To make things even more interesting, the album will be comprised of 4 brand new original - yet electronic - Viola-tunes + 6 remixes / reworkings made by their friends, like Boys Of Scandinavia, Roger and Verneri Lumi.

The album will also include Ilai Rämä's great video of the song 'Violentia'.

Usually bands make Christmas singles and remix albums when they're running out of ideas. Soon, they've already done both. Whatever will happen in the future is beyond our help. Prepare for the worst.

Rytmihäiriö - out now!

- 12.2.2005
The cd containing the 14 top thrash-party anthems of the year has arrived! Order Rytmihäiriö's brilliant new cd 'Saatana on Herra' NOW!
Or get it from local finnish boutiques starting next week.

Rytmihäiriö preview-song available!

- 27.1.2005
Hear ye! Hear ye!
We've made a killer track available from the soon-to-be-released Rytmihäiriö long-play 'Saatana on Herra':

Rytmihäiriö: Ei mitenkään

Check it out or DIE!

Rytmihäiriö - 'Saatana on Herra'

- 20.1.2005
Rytmihäiriö - Saatana on herraIf Society is proud to announce that we're starting this year with a fukkin' huge BANG! On St. Valentine's day (14th of February) all hell will be unleashed as we're releasing (in collaboration with Thrash & Burn and Rönötönttö Records) the first long play record in 14 years from the self-proclaimed masters of surmacore (that's homicidecore for all you anglophiles out there) - RYTMIHÄIRIÖ!

The record is titled 'Saatana on Herra' ('Satan Is The Lord') and features among its 14 tracks charming PG13-rated ditties like 'Tapoit, muuta et muista' ('You Killed, That's All You Remember'), 'Ei ruumis pane pahakseen...' ('The Corpse Won't Mind...') and 'Kun työmies lyö' ('As The Working Man Hits') that examine the dark and sinister side of the finnish mindset where drinking hard alcohol (GAMBINA! Iso-G!) and mindless violence are the key to better livin'.

Prepare yourself for this assault of wild thrash/grindcore-madness in the vein of Scum-era Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and Slayer featuring some murderous guest appearances, by the likes of Mika Luttinen (Impaled Nazarene), Trollhorn (Moonsorrow) and Jossu (Diaspora / Life's a Riot). Raise your billhooks and unscrew a bottle of G!

Check out the Rytmihäiriö website for a studio diary and other nonsense.

Have a Viola Christmas!

- 1.12.2004
It's officially December now, so the Viola-Christmas festivities can commence.

First of all, we're proud to announce the release of Viola's limited Christmas 7" ('Leaving Home On Christmas Eve' / 'Lost Christmas') that is on sale between the 1st and 24th of December after which all possible surplus copies will be stored away for safe keepin' until next year.

You can obviously get it from Viola's shows in December and from this website's shop-section. The only three stores that will carry this future collectors item are Stupido in Helsinki, Platta in Tampere or Levy-Eskot in Joensuu.

The other thing is that Viola has just opened a groovy Christmas calendar at their website. Remember to check it daily for some excellent Christmas surprises!

echo is your love : Paper cut eye cd OUT NOW!

- 23.11.2004
echo is your love - paper cut eye
It´s here, kids, your soundtrack to turn the upcoming Christmas black. Forget the Xmas presents and holidays in Canary Islands - Echo is your love´s new album 'Paper cut eye' is all you need for some hot domestic violence. An hour of chainsaw guitars, undanceble beats and songs about how we want to burn your trucker caps and disco hairdos will guarantee no fun for anyone within reach.

Get this nicely packed (digipack + booklet) piece of urban napalm from shop for 12 euros. Also check live-page for upcoming shows.
Record release show on Saturday 27th at Stella Star.

More videos!

- 17.11.2004

Ilai Rämä-Lämä-Ding-Dong just finished two great new videos!

Get'em while they're hot! To the Media-section, on the double!

Or just click these links:

'Children In Lines' by Echo Is Your Love
'Violentia' by Viola

Echo Is Your Love: Children In Lines
Viola: Violentia

Viola ♥ Iconcrash released!

- 3.11.2004
Viola [loves] IconcrashThe lovesplit between Viola and Iconcrash is OUT NOW, baby!

Get yrself feeling amorous with a short clip from each four love-minisoundtracks right here:
1. Iconcrash - Loveghost
2. Viola - Violentia
3. Iconcrash - Lovelights
4. Viola - Chains Around My Heart

Merry Christmas from If Society

- 3.11.2004
Christmas starts early this year at If Society as on December 1st we'll be releasing two new killer records!

The humbler one is Viola's lovefully crafted little Christmas-7"-single that features two brand new original Viola-songs 'Leaving Home On Christmas Eve' and 'Lost Christmas', in full holiday spirit! No bangin' drums, no pumping basslines and absolutely no electric guitars! Just a tweedsack full of Christmas spirit in the vein of Phil Spector and Gösta Sundqvist! May your Christmas be merry this year!

The other record is none other than the very very very eagerly awaited follow up to Echo Is Your Love's brilliant '8 Hours'. EIYL's third longplayer 'Paper Cut Eye' is nothing short of a steamroller of an album with it's thunderously charging walls of sound and ingeniously camouflaged hooks that'll make any weak-assed poser-popster blush in envy.

As all the previous EIYL-records are out of stock, we'll be kicking in the new year with some re-releases. Also, be on the lookout for some Hero Dishonest -vinyl. We have new stuff coming out next year as well, so don't think we'll be resting on our laurels, cheese! More info on brand new If Society -shit later!

Until then: Listen to Van Morrison.

Out Cold - back in stock!

- 19.10.2004
We got more of the two bash-tastic records by the merciless force of nature from Boston: Out Cold. Both records ('Will Attack If Provoked' / 'Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One') are simply the best simple and to-the-point hardcore has to offer since its early eighties glory days.

We didn't get many copies, so act now because there's no telling when we'll get more.

Hero Dishonest / Mukeka Di Rato -split 7"

- 20.9.2004
Hero Dishonest/Mukeka Di RatoThe long-awaited split 7" between our own spit&bruise-machine HERO DISHONEST and brazilian speedsters MUKEKA DI RATO is finally out!

Get your copy of the meanest piece of plastic put out this year right NOW! No kidding, this stuff ain't slackin' off or gazing at it's shoes!

Check out a twistin' and jerkin' track off the finnish side: 'Impossible Everything'

More videos uploaded!

- 20.9.2004
We've got some more brilliant If Society -videos uploaded for you web-surfing monsters out there!

Black and Red Lies On Yellow
Tired of My Eyes

I Hide My Hopes in the Amplifier
I Like Sad Satellites
My Society of Soft Technology

You can check them all out at the Media-section.
Echo Is Your Love - Black and Red Lies On Yellow Echo Is Your Love - Tired of My Eyes
Sissy Spacek - My Society Of Soft Technology Sissy Spacek - I Like Sad Satellites
Sissy Spacek - I Hide My Hopes in the Amplifier

If Society-videos coming soon to an internet near you!

- 14.9.2004
Hero Dishonest: Not Enough BodybagsThat's right, kiddies!
We're finally digitizing and encoding all the groovy moving pictures we have to further enhance the experience of listening to If Society bands in action.

The all new Media-section has been opened on this site and it already contains one video - the fast and furious 'Not Enough Bodybags' by Hero Dishonest and we have loads more to come in the very near future!
Echo Is Your Love: Song For Sea Scouts(later the same day)
Just added the video for Echo Is Your Love's 'Song For Sea Scouts'. Check it out! It's probably the coolest video ever!

Dischord-package arrived!

- 13.9.2004
DISCHORDWe got a major package from Dischord today and what a treat it is! We received more of the mighty classics by Minor Threat, Rites of Spring and the like and lots more. Check out the shop and get yourself some of these quintessential records now!

Echo Is Your Love - new shit on the way!

- 5.9.2004
EIYL 1998-style, bebe!I can't fucking well believe my ears.
The new Echo Is Your Love is ready and mastered and boy is this shit cookin' and boilin'!

Whatever EIYL did with their previous album '8 Hours' is been done twice as well here and with a total disregard for any rules or structures of the "real" world they're sonically tearing apart and burning to cinders.

Just imagine what the Cure's 'Pornography' would have sounded like had Sonic Youth done the playing and Steve Albini the recording. Add in a spoonful of Joy Division-esque manic klaustrophobia and the focused world-animosity of a palestinian guerilla warrior and you've got the dance-dance-dance-hit of the year!

Check out a smooth disco-anthem off the album: 'Children In Lines'!


The long promised split 7" between Hero Dishonest and Brazil's finest, Mukeka Di Rato, is being pressed! Tie the laces of yer dancin' shoes and get ready to feel the grooves because this bad boy will be rocking you stylus in no time!


Activity sighted in the Viola-camp as well. The year 2004 is far from over as far as they're concerned as late October will see the release of a split cdep between Viola and Iconcrash. Daydreams and ass-shaking disco-anthems under laser-beams to be expected.

Fun - Szklarska Poreba lp

- 13.8.2004
Alright kids, Fun´s killer debut album has been out for a while now and causing alcoholism and misery to everyone who makes the mistake of checking it out.. Yep, this is the summer-hit-in-the-head-with-a-hammer-record, indeed.

Hero Dishonest´s second singer Tuukka quit the band after the band´s latest tour in Russia and Belarus. Thanks for the years, Tuukka. We hope we´ll be able to announce the name of the new heartbreaker before Hero Dishonest hits the road to tour Finland with the almighty Out Cold from Boston, US. Hero D will also tour the UK and US in September-October. Check out the dates on the band´s website.

Echo is your love´s 3rd album is almost ready but won´t see the daylight before Hero Dishonest is back from the States. Meanwhile, we´re getting some extra copies of 8 Hours, the band´s 2nd album from 2002, from our partner labels in UK.

Protestants 7" out now!

- 23.7.2004

The latest If Society release is available right NOW! It's the hot hot hot new 7" from Helsinki-indie-rockers, THE PROTESTANTS and it features two ultra-groovy new Protestants-hits! Check out the clips:

'The Tools'
'Dirty Shame'

The release of this 7" will be celebrated at Ravintolalaiva Wäiski in Helsinki on the 31st of July. Also appearing will be VIOLA and BARBE-Q-BARBIES! See you there!

PS. The FUN-longplay will be out in a matter of days. Prepare to DIE!

FUN-mp3's available! Dischord for sale

- 10.7.2004

Some really exciting news to heat up this damn rainy summer: First and foremost, I just came home from Roskilde where I saw some really amazing stuff: Morbid Angel simply murdered all the toy-metal wankers like KlipKlop and Meshuggah right off the table, Mike Watt & the Stooges rocked the house, Pixies ruled all, Blonde Redhead enthralled everyone smart enough to check them out, the Anticon artists proved that true originality still exists in hiphop-related music and Morrissey jerked out all the tears we had left. Lots of remarkable talent on stage in four days. Three thumbs up!

Anyway, the important news are that our next release, the brand new album by noizecorewalze-madmen FUN, the 'Szklarska Poreba LP' is already being sent to the pressing plant and we've got a few thrashin' preview mp3's to offer from the summer-hit-record of the year. Check them out NOW!
'I Know Ned Kennedy'
'Big Lies'


We just got our hands on a batch of records from one of the greatest labels in the world, Dischord. Available in our shop will be a few 12" and cd records that are essential to each and every collection that is anywhere near punk- or indie-oriented. Seriously, anyone who listens to melodic punk without owning a copy of the Rites of Spring record should have their record collections reposessed and don't even get me started on the Minor Threat discography.

We also got a fresh batch of both records from one of the most exciting new bands in a long time, BLACK EYES. If Society heartily recommends and heavily mourns their breaking up!

Let Your Poison Scream

- 21.6.2004
Hero Dishonest - Let Your Poison ScreamThat's right, kids! It's yer favorite clowns and they're back with a vengeance!

With a more lethal combination of adrenaline and methane than ever, HERO DISHONEST's third long play, 'Let Your Poison Scream' is the disco-sensation of the summer of love 2004. It's for sale exclusively here at our very own Ifsociety.com for a week and will hit the shelves of your local liqueur stores and haberdashers starting monday the 28th!

New Hero Dishonest -songs available NOW!

- 9.6.2004

Check out two new songs from Hero Dishonest's new record 'Let Your Poison Scream':
Case #2: Hobo Hobby
Dead Theories

In stores on the 28th of June.

New releases coming up!

- 2.6.2004
Fun - Szklarska PorebaHero Dishonest - Let Your Poison ScreamWe've got plenty of new shit coming out in the following few months and this time it won't be all sensitive or ethereal as our last few releases. No, sirreebob! Be prepared for records that are guaranteed to blow your speakers, your eardrums and your mind!

First up will be HERO DISHONEST's explosive third longplay 'Let Your Poison Scream'. 16 songs (1 of which is a cover of KTMK's 'Pääni'!) in a bit over 20 minutes and strictly NO BULLSHIT and NO FUCKING POSING! Just the thrash, mam. Out by the end of June.

After that we'll slow the pace, but only to make room for some serious twisted grooving courtesy of FUN! 'Szklarska Poreba' will provide you with your recommended dosage of some dirty-assed stuff in the vein of classic 80's american indie á la Flipper, Big Black, Minutemen, Fugazi, Butthole Surfers, Saccharine Trust... Just when everyone has been asking "why the hell don't people make stuff like that anymore?", Fun delivers the answer with the intensity of an east-european border guard conducting a body cavity search. Out by the end of July.

Somewhere in between will be a 7" from THE PROTESTANTS and a split 7" between Hero Dishonest and brazil's MUKEKA DI RATO and in the end of the summer ECHO IS YOUR LOVE will finally release the long-awaited follow up to 2002's '8 Hours'.

Siniaalto out now!

- 15.5.2004
The new Siniaalto-record ('Tallentumia') is out now on If Society so it's about time you can stop flipping their wonderful 'Hakala' 7" over every 4 minutes or so and just pop in this 70+ minute masterpiece of music that makes you forget all there is you need to forget. For those unfamiliar with Siniaalto, please visit their website for some mp3-treats of electronically krautish flavor or listen to the song 'Matka alkaa taas' from the album.
The enclosed image shows the recommended method of listening to this record (Demonstrated by the If Society Facial Hair Department).

Cranes - 'Particles and Waves'

- 15.5.2004
The eagerly awaited new Cranes-album, 'Particles and Waves' is available NOW! Check out our shop!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Cranes+Viola shows this week! The shows were truly something to remember!

Tearcandy released!

- 29.4.2004
Viola's debut 'Tearcandy' is released and should be found from stores starting today! If your local dealer doesn't push this dope, let them know you want it!

If Society "classics" for sale!

- 26.4.2004
Now's your chance to get some If Society-classics for very little money, since we dropped the price of some early releases by a significant amount. You can get Sissy Spacek's brilliant longplay 'A Telegram Before Departure' and the fabulous 4-way split between Warser Gate (The Fall with some heavy angst involved), Roy & the Devil's Motorcycle (wicked lo-fi beats), Can Can Heads (finnish twistin' & shoutin' weirdocore) and Echo Is Your Love (finnish noisy indie-rock) for a measily 5 euros per record! And that's not even all (we need to make a TV Shop commercial out of this), we took down the price of the two ep's by Sissy Spacek (our very own space-poppers) and the debut ep of Fikure (the Fugazi of Finland's eastern regions) to 1 euro! That's sick, but it's true!

Honestly, they're good records, but they're old and we want to make room for new stuff. We'd rather give these records good homes by giving them away at insane prices than let them rot in boxes.

Motor Goose

- 15.3.2004
Fellow sinners, the time is upon us.
MOTHER GOOSE's first domestic release in several years is out. The gorgeous new 7"-single 'Schizo Ladies' / 'Rondo Fennoscandia' (or 'Psycho Acoustic Nomadic 45 for the Jukebox in Your Heart') features the best song of the century (it's pretty safe to say this already) 'Schizo Ladies' and the hard-hitting indie/punk-rant 'Rondo Fennoscandia'.

'Schizo Ladies' is (according to Mother Goose-lyricist Antti) about sky-scrapers, hobos, violence, longing, poverty and beauty. "Psycho killers and schizo ladies..." The streets are filled with insane princes and retarded cinderellas. We live in troubled times. The geese fly to the sun, the world sinks in the flames of violence.

'Rondo Fennoscandia' is about a good moment in the rocky path of two thin lovers in the cold of the north in the glow of the northern lights. Let Love Rule!

Mother Goose will also release a brilliant new long-play 'Autumn Masokism' in May on the brilliant Verdura Records, but these two songs will not be on it. We got to peel the cream off the cake! Don't worry though, we left the strawberries for Verdura.

Recommended stuff, for sure. Especially for the insanely cheap price it's being sold for.


CRANES have released their agenda for the spring and it includes an eagerly awaited new long-play album and a tour with 4 shows in Finland! More info on the finnish part of their trek coming soon from our end.

The dates however are:
11.5.2004 Helsinki, Tavastia (+Viola, Echo Is Your Love)
12.5.2004 Turku, Klubi (+Viola)
13.5.2004 Tampere, Klubi (+Viola)
13.5.2004 Jyväskylä, Lutakko (+Viola)


VIOLA's debut long-play will be mastered next week, so be ready to receive some samples of the new material soon!


Riku, the drum-maniac of FUN and ECHO IS YOUR LOVE has broken his arms, so we're sad to announce that several shows from both bands have been cancelled. Luckily he will be healed in time to bash out some serious mayhem on tape for the upcoming long-plays (the 1st long play for Fun and 3rd for Echo Is Your Love). Get well soon.

Abnormi 7" - Out not!

- 12.2.2004
All you beer drinkin', glue sniffin' and mohawk-waxin' punx out there who are totally disillusioned by the stadium-punk that is shoved down our throats from every direction: the new Abnormi-7" is finally out!

Engraved in the grooves of the 7" piece of plastic are 8 short bursts of noise in the way punkrock was meant to be played: raw, noisy and dirty, much like a 2 ton rhino on the loose in a fancy restaurant. Listen to the opening track 'Ongelmien Ristitulessa' for proof and get a copy of your own from the store.


We're about to send a new release to be pressed in a matter of days and we are really REALLY excited about this one, as it will be a 2-song 7" by none other than legendary finnish indie-rock group MOTHER GOOSE! More info on this one later.


Hero Dishonest is heading out on tour in Scandinavia tomorrow (friday the 13th), check out their website for the dates and be sure to check them out if they happen to pass by. Remember to bring earplugs AND noseplugs.


- 20.12.2003
You can now pay for your If Society-shopping by credit card with the Paypal-service. It's secure and easy. However we must add an additional 5% surcharge to the price of your order when using this method of payment due to the additional costs involved.

Official statement: Pet Shop Boys is still the best band in the world.
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