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Old news

Frivolvol on tour in the Baltics

- 11.8.2006

16.08.06 Latvija, Riga @ Club Depo
17.08.06 Lithuania, Vilnius @ D.I.Y. Cafe
18.08.06 Latvija, Kuldiga @ Zabadaks
19.08.06 Estonia, Kilingi-nõmme @ Punk'n Roll festival

+ some Finnish shows for FRIVOLVOL:
02.09.06 Oulu @ Lentävä Lautanen (+Sur-rur)
04.11.06 Helsinki @ Oranssi (+Sydän, Sydän, Sininen Sinfonia)


- 21.7.2006

Buy 3 If Society -releases and get the cheapest of the three for FREE!


The offer is valid until August 31st. Here's a list of the records on offer:

ABNORMI: Avunhuuto 1e
HERO DISHONEST: Climbing up on the way down 3,50e
MOTHER GOOSE: Schizo Ladies / Rondo Fennoscandia 1e
THE PROTESTANTS: The Tools / Dirty Shame 1e
RED CARPET: Blood, Sweat & Tears / Leave a Light On 1e
SINIAALTO: Hakala 4e
VIOLA: Acoustic Romantic 45 for the Jukebox in Your Heart 2,5e

ECHO IS YOUR LOVE: Humansize 12e
HERO DISHONEST: Juggernaut / Let Your Poison Scream 12" 12e

BLACK AUDIO: Iron Rhino 12e
BOYS OF SCANDINAVIA: Why Do You Love Me cds 3,50e
BOYS OF SCANDINAVIA: Kill the Party 12e
ECHO IS YOUR LOVE: Humansize 12e
ECHO IS YOUR LOVE: 8 Hours 10e
ECHO IS YOUR LOVE: Paper Cut Eye 10e
FRIVOLVOL: Frivolous, vol.2: The False Security Program 10e
FUN: Szklarska Poreba LP 10e
HERO DISHONEST: Let Your Poison Scream 10e
HERO DISHONEST: Juggernaut 10e
HERO DISHONEST: Pleasure/disgust 5e
MERDA: Minha Linda Colecao De Ep's Do Conjunto De Musica Rock Media 8e
RED CARPET: The Noise of Red Carpet 10e
RYTMIHÄIRIÖ: Saatana on Herra 12e
SINIAALTO: Tallentumia 10e
SINIAALTO: s/t 10e
SISSY SPACEK: Telegram before departure 2e
SISSY SPACEK: Sad Satellite Light cdep 1e
VIOLA: Melancholydisco 8e
VIOLA: Anything Can Stop Us 12e
VIOLA: Tearcandy 10e
VIOLA / ICONCRASH: Viola [loves] Iconcrash 4,50e

A few examples:
The Noise of Red Carpet cd + Rytmihäiriö cd + Viola's Melancholydisco cd = 22 euros
Protestants 7" + Sissy Spacek cd + Hero Dishonest 7" = 5,50 euros


Kuudes Linja

- 22.2.2006
Next weekend If Society is taking over the latest & coolest addition to the Helsinki scene, Kuudes Linja.

Friday 3.3.2006
-> Black Audio!
Pets on Prozac
-> If Society Soundsystem DJ's!
DJ's King Artemi & Hank
Tickets 8 euros

Saturday 4.3.2006
-> Viola!
DJ Shoplifter + Autobahn DJ's
Tickets 7 euros

Boys of $candinavia for sale

- 24.1.2006
BoS T-shirtBos-stuff available in the "other stuff" department of our shop.

Black Audio + I Walk the Line Tavastia-show moved!

- 17.1.2006

The show at Tavastia scheduled to be next wednesday, the 25th, with I Walk the Line, Black Audio, Echo Is Your Love and Lighthouse Project has been moved to the following Monday, the 30th!

Goin' postal

- 4.1.2006

The prices of the finnish postal service we're increased a bit, so we had to adjust our shipping prices accordingly. Sorry about that.

Check out the new prices from our order sheet.

Red Carpet album release shows

- 6.10.2005
Hey young man/woman.
Looking for excitement?
Looking for adventure?

Come to where the flavour is! Come to Red Carpet:
7.10. JeeJee, Tampere
8.10. Semifinal, Helsinki

The If Society rip-off flea-market will also be there. Bring ca$h.

ZEGOTA (US / HOL) in Finland 26.-28.10.

- 16.9.2005

Uuuuuh! Aaaaah! Here's a piece of news I've been dying to have for a few years now: ZEGOTA is coming to Finland!

Aaaaa-yeeeeea! The best functioning band of the CrimethInc-collective (sorry, y'all, but there's just no competing with Catharsis!) can be seen and heard spreading their unique take on hardcore live on finnish soil on these selected dates:

26.10. Semifinal, HKI (/w Fun, Rytmihäiriö)
27.10. Lutakko, JKL
28.10. JeeJee, TRE (/w Fun, Rytmihäiriö)

I don't know about you, but I'm PISSING MY PANTS IN EXCITEMENT!


The stars we are

- 30.8.2005
Tomorrow, Aug 31st (as pretty much every wednesday, anyways) all you suomalaiset people should turn the dials of your FM receivers to the MHz of YleX between 9pm and 11pm, unless you plan to come to Semifinal to check out Frivolvol and Hero Dishonest that is, as the real stars step out on Pekka Laine's brilliant Kitarama-program. If Society is this week's feature on the show's Riippumattomat (the Independents)-series.

...but then again, you shouldn't need a reason like this to listen to this program as it is one of the last remaining sources of proper domestic indie rock and pop in national broadcasting.

SOLE - cancelled after all

- 3.8.2005
"The shows are being rescheduled to what seems to be mid-December. Stay tuned!"

Contrary to this prior statement, SOLE from Anticon will regrettably not be playing in Finland this year. The second set of shows had to be cancelled as well due to understandable reasons from the artist's side, so you a'll will have to wait a bit longer to see this amazing artist on finnish soil.

Sorry about all the fuss from our side.


- 14.3.2005

Protestants mp3-clips

- 14.7.2004
THE PROTESTANTS!Feast your ears on these two clips from both songs on the new Protestants 7" that will be available in a few days. We already got the records, we just have to stamp them and then they're ready to move into your record players! For a very cheap price!

'The Tools'
'Dirty Shame'

Tears are falling!

- 22.4.2004
Viola's debut 'Tearcandy' is available now exclusively from us for 1 week. On April 29th it can be found in stores across Finland, so get yours while you still can.


Cranes-tickets for the Turku and Tampere -shows: sold by us and available now.

We got to hear the new Cranes-longplay ('Particles and Waves') this week and it's just overwhelmingly great. You'd think that almost 20 years of brilliance and numerous must-have-records would have dug the Shaw-family into a happy little AC/DC-rut that keeps them bashing out record after record of the same stuff that people love them for, but that's not what's going on with Jim and Alison. Don't be alarmed, 'Particles and Waves' is everything you'd expect from a Cranes-record, but there's something eerily different, yet soothingly familiar about it. Alison still sounds as dramatically lost in the soundscapes as she always has and the songs are as strong as ever, but still you can never know what happens next and what kind of weird experiment they'll conduct on the listener before the song is over.

Two thumbs up!

Cranes -ticket presale

- 31.3.2004
Tickets for the Cranes' finnish concerts in May can be bought in advance from the following places:

Tavastia, HKI (11.5.) -> Tiketti (presale starts "soon")
Lutakko, Jyväskylä (14.5.) -> Jelmu (presale starts on the 3rd of May)

The tickets for the Turku and Tampere shows will be sold by us. Sale starts as soon as tickets are done. In a while that is. Before the show anyway. Patience, young padawan.

Tearcandies are falling

- 30.3.2004
There are sample-clips of four songs from VIOLA's upcoming 'Tearcandy'-debut at the band's website.

Mother Goose - about to kill the lot of you

- 14.2.2004
I just heard the finished master of the Mother Goose -7".
It will murder. It's simply better than anything. Ever.

It will be sent to the plant next week, out in early March.


Info on upcoming releases

- 21.1.2004
The new Abnormi-7" 'Avunhuuto' is still being pressed. We've kind of lost contact with the czech company that's pressing it, so it's hard to say where we're at. Hopefully they'll get around to delivering the goods soon.

The upcoming Viola-cd will be titled 'Tearcandy'. Recordings are well on the way and it will be released in April as promised. Even if I risk jinxing the record, I dare say anyway that this record will be a landmark in the activity of If Society, since it will most likely be the first ever record released according to the first schedule that was given to it. That said, you can expect floods, automobile accidents, fires, earthquakes and extra-terrestrial interventions. Keep your fingers crossed.

People in Finland: mark the dates 11th-14th of May in your calendars. More info later.

We heard a demo-version of the upcoming FUN-longplay yesterday. Jesusmuthaphukkingchristandsatanalmighty! As Teemu said on live latvian radio: "Prepare to DIE!" We're looking for foreign collaborators on this release, so if you think you'd be into releasing the deadliest fuckin' record made since 'Songs About Fucking', please get in contact: info@ifsociety.com.

There are plenty of chances during springtime to see your favorite If Society-bands live. Check out the live-page.

Cranes for sale!

- 19.12.2003
We just received some cool new stuff for the shop: Two Cranes-records from the past few years, 'Future Songs' and 'Live in Italy' (released by Dadaphonic from the UK). 'Future Songs' is great proof of the fact that the Cranes are able to keep making tear-jerking melancholic hymns even with over a decade of brilliance under their belts and 'Live in Italy' shows how their whole career worth of pop-gems are beautifully balanced in a live situation. A rare example that live-albums don't always suck and blow at the same time.

These records haven't had the distribution they deserve in the past, so you might not have had a chance to get your paws on them. But now you do! Check out the shop.


The Abnormi 7" will be released in January! Be prepared for an 8 song assault of vintage finnish hardcore mayhem of the rawest and most primitive kind. The meek might inherit the earth, but Abnormi is here now and they're making some pretty violent noise!


Other upcoming stuff:
* Hero Dishonest / Mukeka Di Rato -split 7" (February 2004)
A split between our own hardcore-gymnasts Hero Dishonest and Brazilian punkers Mukeka Di Rato. Both sides will be made of the following ingredients: spit, sweat, bruises and people making their instruments sound like the end of the world.

* Viola -long play cd (April 2004)
The debut long play of northern melancholy and stargazing. 11 tracks that play your heart-strings and provide a soundtrack to discovering the beauty in your life.

Viola reviews

- 5.12.2003
There are some rather nice new Viola reviews in different medias this week. Check them out at the records-page of Viola's website.

Random communiques

- 27.11.2003
Mikko is touring Europe until the 5th of December with Lappeenranta's heroes, Anal Thunder, and he has most of our distro with him, so orders may be a bit delayed until then! He'll also probably be able to sell heaps of records, so some of the items on our list may be sold out during the tour. We'll update the list as soon as he returns.

We just received a shipment of the latest release from belgian label Angelmaker Records: POWERSLAVES - an Electro Tribute to IRON MAIDEN. Top notch electro-artists (incl. finnish heroes Imatran Voima & Mr. Velcro Fastener) drop some respect for Steve Harris & company. Rough and seriously groovy stuff. Get yours while we still have some!

Viola website + New Hero Dishonest -shit

- 6.11.2003
VIOLA has a new website! The address is the same old www.pophurts.com, but the content is new and *gasp* updated. Hopefully it will stay updated this time.

Some new Hero Dishonest -madness (3 tracks of it) was mixed yesterday and that shit sounds like using dynamite to take care of a bad case of hemorrhoids! Evil, primitive and painful! Stay tuned!

New Viola 7" + EIYL-stuff

- 17.10.2003
The new VIOLA 7" is out! 2 songs of acoustic melancholy pressed on vinyl can be yours to spin at 45 rpm for a mere 2,5 € + postage.
Check out a clip from the song on side A: Summermoon
The old ep ('Escapist Pioneers') featuring the electric side of Viola is also available from our shop. Get 'em both, now!

echo is your love is playing two gigs with Riku from Fun on drums. Check out the dates here. Hero Dishonest´s search for the new bass player is over! The new guy is called Leisure Suit Larry and he knows only two ways of thrashing his bass: loud and wrong!

We got a few extra copies of echo is your love´s 1st cd album 'Sheets of blank fucking paper'. In case you still haven´t got your copy get it quick!. The second album '8 Hours' is temporarily sold out, but we´re expecting an extra package of 25 cds to arrive from UK. Those who have placed an order, please be patient. And those who don´t own the record yet - 25 copies will be sold out sooner than you think.

Siniaalto 7"

- 30.9.2003
The new Siniaalto 7" is FINALLY out!
We don´t know why it took so long to press this record but all the 300 copies are in our hands starting from now! Order it for 4 € + postages from here.
Electronic kraut-rock from Helsinki, Finland. Recorded live at Psychotropic Zone Club,
May 2003. You can almost feel the walls surrounding you transforming into plasma
while deep analogue arpeggios catch your mind that is twisting like a caleidoscope
through the depths of unreal.
Highly recommended to fans of 70s Tangerine Dream.

Thanks to everyone who came to see Hero Dishonest on our short tour in Russia, Belarus and Lithuania in early September. The gigs in Russia were incredible! See you next year, kids. The gig in Belarus was unfortunately cancelled on the last minute due to nazis´ bomb threat.. Of course there was no bomb but the whole building had to be raided by the bomb squad. We´re sorry we couldn´t play, but nothing is going to stop us from trying again next year. Thanks to the 375 crew for taking care of us.
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