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If Society was formed in 1999 when two small indie labels Lo-Finn Records and Rooftops are my heaven recordings decided to join forces. The first IF records are originally released on these two labels. US customers, please visit Stickfigure for most of the If Society releases.

Distribution in Finland: Super Sounds
Distribution in North America: Stickfigure

Check out a short "beginner's guide to If Society" -playlist at Soundcloud.

Releases below this were done by the two predecessors of If Society, Lo-Finn (LO-FINN-XX) and Rooftops Are My Heaven Recordings (ROOF-XX).
  • Echo Is Your Love / Warser Gate - split 7" ROOF-06 / LO-FINN-04
    Echo Is Your Love/ Warser Gate split 7"
    Sold out Released in April 1999 on red vinyl.
  • Echo Is Your Love / Kemialliset Ystävät split 12" ROOF-05 / LO-FINN-03
    Echo Is Your Love / Kemialliset ystävät split 12"
    Sold out Released in April 1999 on clear vinyl.
  • Surf Sonics 7" ROOF-04
    Surf Sonics: s/t 7"
    Released in Spring 1999.
    Sold out
  • Echo Is Your Love - Saw Them Play Like Ghosts 7" ROOF-03 / LO-FINN-02
    Echo Is Your Love: Saw them play like ghosts 7"
    Released in June 1998.
    Sold out
  • Sissy Spacek - Sad Sallite Light ROOF-02
    Sissy Spacek: Sad Satellite Light CD-ep
    Released in spring 1998.
    BUY! Listen: I Like Sad Satellites
  • Sissy Spacek - I Hide My Hopes In the Amplifier ROOF-01
    Sissy Spacek: I hide my hopes in the amplifier CD-ep
    Released on October 10th 1997.
    Sold out Listen: I Hide My Hopes In the Amplifier
  • Fikure - Market LO-FINN-01
    Fikure: Market CD-ep
    Released in 1997.
    Sold out Listen: Spring
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