Black Audio

Started writing songs together in 1997. Never made a distinction between traditional and modern high tech instruments. An acoustic guitar makes a fine sound, a groovebox makes a fine sound. Digital or analog, hi-fi lo-fi, if it suits they’ll wear it.


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Boys of Scandinavia

Boys Of Scandinavia bridge the gap between post-punk and electro-funk. Already making noise on the underground, their time is about to come.

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Boys of Scandinavia

Echo Is Your Love

Out of tune noise rock from Helsinki Finland.

Four guys thrashing their instruments while the girl tries to keep the songs together with her near angelic vocals. Started in 1998 echo is your love has raised from the improvised lo-fi soundscapes and led its way to whole new area of post-punk and hardcore that brings together the best elements of pop, no-wave, post-punk and art core.

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Twisted, mind-spinning and face-bashing corkscrew-core at it’s best.


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Black Audio


Fun are a band from Helsinki. They’ve shared stages with The Jesus Lizard, Nomeansno, Polvo and Deerhoof. They’ve recorded their last two albums at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio, with the great man at the helm. Think of Rapeman and Melt Banana, fry up some Butthole Surfers and then add a dash of the spastic Finnish jazzcore of Deep Turtle. Brutal and honest.


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Hero Dishonest

Sweat, spit & broccoli – short, fast and vmethane fueled old school hardcore since 1999. After 7 albums, hundreds of gigs and some minor cuts they still feel like the world needs some more running around on stage, drooling and distortion…

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Hero Dishonest


Kevin are a Finnish kaleidoscopic four-piece. You can call them spacey rock, modern psychedelia, the Byrds on 21st century medication.. The band comes out with their third full-length album, Ebb and Flow, in September 2012, after six years hiatus.

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Hailing from Melbourne, Ninetynine combine indie rock stylings with tuned percussion and layerings of casio keyboard to create a unique kind of pop music. Variously described as ëwonderfulí (Melody Maker) and “versatile and talented” (Rolling Stone) the band originally began as a solo project for Laura MacFarlane (the original drummer for Sleater-Kinney) in 1995.

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The hardest rockin’ and tightest funk band you’ve ever heard. Like The Stooges getting together with James Brown’s 1970-era band, the JB’s! One of the longest running and most prestigious indie rock bands in Finland!

Press material

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Red Carpet

Beautiful and melancholic indiepop where the contemporary sounds of Belle & Sebastian and such meet classic songwriting of The Byrds and Kaseva.


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Masters of SURMACORE (homicidecore) – a unique brand of hardcore and thrash where drunken acts of violence set the tone and pace.


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Electronic kraut-rock from Helsinki, Finland. The music of Siniaalto rises and floats, changes shape as the minimalistic and repetitive beats go on and leave you in relaxed state of spiritual awareness. For fans of 70s Tangerine Dream.

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Sissy Spacek

Hi-fi ambient art-pop in the days when post-rock wasn’t too trendy yet.

sissy spacek called it a day in the fall of 2002 but left behind an album and two cd-eps full of dreamy melodies and the hope for one more album that’s been recorded but still unreleased..

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Valse Triste

Crazy and spastic agricore from Periferia! 20+ years behind them, these cats are still making dizzy with their combo of Beefheart-beats and ’82 hardcore energy!


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Youth gone wild! Mix the hold-nothing-back aggression of Hero Dishonest, the syncopated rock n’ roll of Radiopuhelimet and the jagged edge of Fun and you’ve got one of the most promising bands on the Finnish noiserock scene: VENE!


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Dramatic, melancholic and bittersweet, yet hopeful pop-music that fits the hole in your heart. With material ranging from subtle acoustic brush-strokes to hard-hitting electronic pop-anthems, Viola exists for all your pop-music needs.

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